STIA-411 Energy and World Affairs
Fall for 2017-2018
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The course will address the pivotal and multifaceted role of energy in world affairs. Energy is a vital component of global security, a key driver of economic prosperity, social well-being and business opportunity, and the predominant factor affecting global climate change. The course will adopt an integrated global perspective, both geopolitical and geo-economic, and will examine energy issues and options in all key regions and countries of the world. The course will examine major contemporary energy developments, including new concepts of energy security, unprecedented technological innovation and concern for the local and global environment. It will examine the globalization of energy markets, the restructuring of the energy industry, the changing relationship of governments and market forces, and the role of energy in the developing nations. The course will analyze long-term, sustainable energy scenarios to support a growing global population, while stabilizing concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases and reducing the risks of undesirable climate change. Students will be encouraged to analyze and construct policy solutions that enhance global security and sustainability. Students are expected to participate actively by delivering presentations and helping to lead discussions.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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