STIA-463 Innov Sys: Sci/Tech/Hlth
Spring for 2017-2018
Science and technology are now seen not only to have a profound connection to our health and daily life, but also to the society’s economic growth and its corresponding ability to generate societal wellbeing -- and these economic and societal issues are deeply interrelated. This course focuses on science and technology policy – it will examine the science and technology innovation system, with a particular focus on health and energy, and an emphasis on public policy and the federal government’s role in that system. It will review the foundations of innovation systems theory and organization, and the basic approaches to science and technology policy, and build toward a sophisticated understanding of these areas. The class will review a theory of direct and indirect economic factors in the innovation system, note the innovation-based competitive challenges now facing the U.S. economy, review comparative efforts in other nations, study the varied models for how federal science and technology mission agencies are organized, and the growth of public-private partnership models as a way for science mission agencies to pursue mission agendas. Emphasis will also be placed on examining the organization and role of medical science innovation agencies and gaps in the health innovation economic model, as well as on energy innovation systems and issues. This will include policies in both these areas that could help fill gaps in health and energy innovation.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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