STRT-552 Strategic Business Analytics
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
STRT-552 Strategic Business Analytics is a 6-week MBA elective course that is complementary to STRT-551 Consulting Frameworks, Methods & Contexts. Neither course is a prerequisite for the other, and the courses may be taken in either order.

These two courses share an overarching objective: to provide multi-disciplinary conceptual foundations and analytical tools that sharpen students’ consultive problem solving skills and prepare them for fast-starts in their internships, Global Experiences and full-time careers.

In combination, these courses cover the development of 5 key analytical skills:
1. Framing complex problems
2. Generating testable hypotheses
3. Gathering and analyzing facts efficiently
4. Crafting creative, practical solutions
5. Syndicating support and mobilizing

Strategic Business Analytics will be multi-disciplinary, applying learning from core courses – especially Strategy, Economics, Managerial Statistics, Strategic Problem Solving, Operations and Accounting.

Cases and analytical exercises will be drawn from an array of topics that will likely include:
• Discovery-driven planning
• Market sizing & selection
• Profit pool analysis
• Business model economics
• Technology adoption factors
• Product & customer profitability
• Conversion chains & funnels
• Predictive analytics
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: None
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