TPST-333 US Latino/a Drama and Performance
Fall for 2016-2017
This intermediate, interdisciplinary course involves close reading of US Latino/a plays written in English and also provides an overview of the major social and political forces impacting the development of Latino/a cultural production in the past fifty years. It critically addresses the complex intersection of race, ethnicity and gender in Latino/a drama and the struggle for representation in the broader US theatrical landscape. Beginning with the Chicano movement in the 1960s, we will read, view and write about plays across several generations of the main Latino/a groups in the US informed by their production history, theoretical and historical articles, performance videos, polemics and manifestos. Cross-listed with American Studies, English, Comparative Literature. Intended for students from a range of majors. Includes Juniors and Seniors.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: includes Juniors and Seniors
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