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Academic year
The following Arabic courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
ARAB-011 Intensive First Level Modern Standard Arabic I
ARAB-012 Intensive First Level Modern Standard Arabic II
ARAB-020 Intensive Intro Modern Standard Arabic: Heritage Speakers
ARAB-021 Second Level Modern Standard Arabic I
ARAB-111 Intensive Second Level Modern Standard Arabic I
ARAB-112 Intensive Second Level Modern Standard Arabic II
ARAB-113 Formal Spoken Arabic I
ARAB-114 Formal Spoken Arabic II
ARAB-120 Colloquial Iraqi Arabic II
ARAB-121 Intermediate Arabic Heritage II
ARAB-201 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
ARAB-213 Third Level MSA: Media I
ARAB-214 Third Level MSA: Media II
ARAB-215 Advanced Intensive Arabic I
ARAB-216 Advanced Intensive Arabic II
ARAB-220 Modern Standard Arabic for Heritage Speakers I
ARAB-221 Advanced MSA Heritage II
ARAB-270 Variation in Standard Arabic and the Dialects
ARAB-281 Religious Discourse
ARAB-308 Topics in Arab World
ARAB-329 Arabic Formal Writing
ARAB-335 Introduction to the Arabic Short Story
ARAB-337 The Arab Novel
ARAB-340 Arabic Drama
ARAB-348 Map of the Arab World
ARAB-350 Arabic Capstone Seminar
ARAB-356 Autobiography in the Arabic Tradition
ARAB-359 Globalization and Identity In Contemporary Arabic Writing
ARAB-366 Islam and Identity
ARAB-376 Language & Political Discourse
ARAB-391 Linguistic Analysis of Arabic
ARAB-392 Fundamentals of Arabic Linguistics
ARAB-393 Introduction to Arabic Sociolinguistics
ARAB-400 Senior Honors Thesis
ARAB-403 Islamic and Arab Culture in the Golden Age
ARAB-407 War & Migration in Middle East Literature
ARAB-414 Advanced Arabic Media
ARAB-424 Al-Jahiz: Eloquence, Satire and the Foundations of Classical Arabic Prose
ARAB-431 Language Policy and Development in the Arab World
ARAB-443 Readings in Fatwa Collections
ARAB-453 Heritage versus Post-modernity in Contemporary Arabic Writing
ARAB-470 Intro to Arabic & Islamic Philosophy & Theology
ARAB-555 Intro to Arabic & Islamic Studies: Sources & Methods
ARAB-571 Islamic Law: Concepts and Controversies
ARAB-623 Poetry and the Performance of Empire in the Umayyad and Abbasid Courts
ARAB-624 The Poetry of al-Ma`arri: From Engagement to Disengagement
ARAB-626 Readings in Early Kalam
ARAB-775 Islamic Legal Theory and Legal Change
ARAB-901 Arabic Graduate Tutorial
ARAB-991 Contin Regis Arabic
ARAB-992 Contin Regis Arabic
ARAB-993 Non-Resident Pre-Thesis Research
ARAB-999 Thesis Research--Arabic