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Academic year
The following Masters in Foreign Service courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
MSFS-507 Globalization of Intersocietal Relations
MSFS-510 International Relations: Theory and Practice
MSFS-512 Development Orthodoxies
MSFS-513 Development Economics: Theory, Evidence, & Policy
MSFS-515 Foundations of Corporate Finance
MSFS-518 Investment in Emerging Markets
MSFS-526 International Mediation: Strategy and Methods
MSFS-527 Analytical and Statistical Skills
MSFS-530 Managing International Public Affairs
MSFS-534 The UN & Emerging Institutions
MSFS-535 Trade Negotiations & Commercial Diplomacy
MSFS-537 Practical Evaluation
MSFS-538 Small and Medium Enterprise Development
MSFS-541 Economic Dimensions of International Security
MSFS-544 InformationTechnologies - Innovation & Society
MSFS-549 Petroleum in the Global Economy
MSFS-552 Emerging Issues in African Development
MSFS-558 The Political Economy of Global Climate Change
MSFS-560 Managerial Economics
MSFS-561 Business Operations in Emerging Markets
MSFS-562 Public Diplomacy
MSFS-577 Economic Diplomacy & Tradecraft
MSFS-581 Corporate Responsibility in the 21st Century
MSFS-582 Identity and Conflict
MSFS-583 Global Marketing Strategies
MSFS-585 International Trade & Investment
MSFS-586 The Art of Advocacy Inside & Outside of Government
MSFS-592 Religion & International Affairs
MSFS-593 Global Political Economy
MSFS-594 International Financial Institutions
MSFS-597 Strategy: Security/Development/Business
MSFS-599 Science, Technology & Development
MSFS-600 Ethics in International Relations
MSFS-609 Development and Demography in Asia
MSFS-613 Comparative Regional Economic Development (CRED)
MSFS-615 Health, Governance & Diplomacy
MSFS-621 International Project Finance and Investment
MSFS-623 International Negotiation
MSFS-630 Congressional Decision-Making and U.S. Foreign Policy
MSFS-634 The BRICs & the World Economy
MSFS-638 Conflict Management and International Security
MSFS-640 Energy in a Low-Carbon World
MSFS-646 Media & World Affairs
MSFS-648 Fragile States in Africa
MSFS-650 Global Business and Public Policy Practicum
MSFS-655 International Law
MSFS-657 Good Governance and Capable
MSFS-658 Introduction to Microfinance
MSFS-662 Econometrics for Policy-Makers
MSFS-666 Foreign Policy Making in Developing Nations
MSFS-674 China-US Great Power Rivalry
MSFS-679 Fin Reg & Reform in Dev Countries
MSFS-688 Human Rights and War
MSFS-709 Nuclear Policy & International Security
MSFS-713 Workshop: Coordinating US State-Building Programs
MSFS-720 WKSHP: Managing Risk
MSFS-730 WKSHP: Engaging Change: Middle East and North Africa
MSFS-733 WKSHP: Policy Innovation & Coalition Management
MSFS-735 Workshop: Global Finance
MSFS-739 WKSHP: Resource Management In International Relations
MSFS-740 Workshop: Strategy & Management Problem Solving
MSFS-747 WKSHP Business of Development