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Academic year
The following Chemistry courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
CHEM-001 General Chemistry Lecture I
CHEM-002 General Chemistry Lecture II
CHEM-009 General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM-010 General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM-012 Chemistry In Everyday Life
CHEM-025 Intro to Forensic Chemistry
CHEM-055 General Chemistry Lecture for Majors
CHEM-056 General Chemistry Lecture for Majors
CHEM-057 General Chemistry Laboratory for Majors
CHEM-058 General Chemistry Laboratory for Majors
CHEM-064 Introduction to Research Experimentation
CHEM-115 Organic Chemistry
CHEM-116 Organic Chemistry
CHEM-117 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM-118 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM-119 Organic Chemistry for Majors !
CHEM-120 Organic Chemistry for Majors II
CHEM-211 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM-213 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM-219 Physical Chemistry Lectures
CHEM-220 Physical Chemistry Lecture
CHEM-228 Synthetic Methods Laboratory
CHEM-323 Physical-Chemical Measurements
CHEM-361 Introduction to Research
CHEM-362 Introduction to Research
CHEM-364 Honors Research I
CHEM-365 Honors Research II
CHEM-366 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM-368 Chemical Instrumentation
CHEM-370 Honors Thesis
CHEM-408 Experimental Methods in Biochemistry
CHEM-419 Biochemistry I
CHEM-501 Analytical Methods
CHEM-502 Synthesis
CHEM-507 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM-509 Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM-510 Advance Physical Chemistry I
CHEM-515 Structure and Chemistry of Macromolecules
CHEM-517 X-ray Crystallography and Molecular Structure
CHEM-520 Biochemistry II
CHEM-525 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy
CHEM-531 Solution Kinetics
CHEM-550 Graduate Biochemistry
CHEM-568 Advance Topics in Instrumentation
CHEM-570 Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHEM-571 Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHEM-574 Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of Protein Folding Processes
CHEM-575 Photochemistry
CHEM-581 Statistical Mechanics
CHEM-701 Introductory Seminar
CHEM-702 Introductory Seminar
CHEM-703 Advanced Seminar
CHEM-704 Advanced Seminar
CHEM-903 Thechniques in Chemical Education
CHEM-910 Introduction to Chemistry Education
CHEM-915 Introduction to Graduate Research
CHEM-920 Chemistry Research
CHEM-999 Thesis Research--Chemistry