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Academic year
The following Communication, Culture, and Technology courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
CCTP-349 Network Communities in International Politics: From Telegraph to Internet
CCTP-502 Methods of Media Production
CCTP-505 Introduction to Communication, Culture and Technology
CCTP-506 Fundamentals of Technology
CCTP-533 CCT Internship
CCTP-584 Advanced Documentary Filmmaking
CCTP-610 Network Communities in International Politics: From Telegraph to Internet
CCTP-623 Critical Making: Remix Practices
CCTP-625 Marketing, Advertising and Public Policy
CCTP-627 Looking at Photography
CCTP-628 Arcade Theory
CCTP-629 Media and Communication in the Arab World
CCTP-636 Remixing the Future of Music
CCTP-637 Social Media Analytics: Culture and Ideology in the Middle East
CCTP-652 Technology, Culture, and Mind
CCTP-665 Infrastructure Studies: Knowledge, Distribution and Power
CCTP-667 Contemporary Corporate Communications
CCTP-669 Cultural Politics of Television
CCTP-673 Creating a Culture of Innovation
CCTP-685 Survey Research Methods
CCTP-693 Regulating International Networks: the Political Economy of the Internet, Television, and Telecom Policy
CCTP-696 Social Network Analysis
CCTP-700 Persuasion and Influence
CCTP-706 New Media: Innovation, Community, and Dissidence
CCTP-707 Politics and Film
CCTP-708 Information Privacy and Security
CCTP-709 Intellectual Property (Who Owns Ideas?)
CCTP-717 Social Network Analysis II
CCTP-719 Film Theory In The Age of New Media
CCTP-721 Critical Theory and Contemporary Media
CCTP-724 International Negotiation
CCTP-725 Cultural Hybridity: Mixing Media, Music, and Art
CCTP-726 Knowledge and Power: Cultures of Expertise
CCTP-727 Embattled Media: Conflict and War Journalism
CCTP-728 International Governance
CCTP-730 Postmodernism
CCTP-732 What's Shaping the Internet?
CCTP-742 Network Technologies and Society
CCTP-745 Communication Technology and Organizations
CCTP-748 Media Theory and Visual Culture
CCTP-752 Communication Theories and Frameworks
CCTP-753 The Networked Economy
CCTP-754 Networks and International Development
CCTP-761 The Digital Divide
CCTP-763 Critical Making: Audio and Video
CCTP-764 Expressive Computation
CCTP-767 New Media and Politics
CCTP-768 Semantics and the Semantic Web
CCTP-771 Statistical Methodology
CCTP-774 Network Communities in International Politics: From Telegraph to Internet
CCTP-783 Ethnography and Archival Research: A Grounded Theory Approach
CCTP-797 Theory, Culture and Technology
CCTP-801 The Political Culture of Sports
CCTP-803 Media and Politics
CCTP-804 Advanced Statistical Methodology
CCTP-806 Product Development in the New Digital Age
CCTP-807 Innovation, Design and Usability
CCTP-814 Politics, Technology and Foreign Policy
CCTP-817 Sustainability: Foundations, Technology and Design
CCTP-819 Cyberlearning: From Design to Development
CCTP-850 Digital Presence and Strategic Persuasion
CCTP-860 Research Seminar: Media and the 2012 Election
CCTP-996 Thesis Colloquium