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Academic year
The following Communication, Culture, and Technology courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
CCTP-505 Introduction to Communication, Culture and Technology: Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods
CCTP-506 Fundamentals of Technology
CCTP-533 CCT Internship
CCTP-584 Documentary Video Production
CCTP-599 Digital Game Studio
CCTP-605 Introduction to Digital Animation
CCTP-609 Cutting through the Noise: The Future of Corporate Communications
CCTP-610 ICTs: State Power & Social Change
CCTP-611 Systemic Design and User Experience
CCTP-613 Organizational Culture Assessment
CCTP-616 Crisis Communications
CCTP-617 Interaction Design: Electronics and Semantics
CCTP-619 Sustainability: Theory & Practice
CCTP-623 Remix Practices
CCTP-642 Content Analysis
CCTP-648 Emerging Technologies and the Human Body
CCTP-655 Media Production Lab
CCTP-656 Global Science Fiction Film
CCTP-658 ICT Law & Policy
CCTP-681 Technologies of the Text
CCTP-696 Social Network Analysis
CCTP-701 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
CCTP-708 International/Comparative Privacy and Surveillance
CCTP-709 Intellectual Property (Who Owns Ideas?)
CCTP-711 Semiotics and Cognitive Technologies
CCTP-721 Critical Theory and Contemporary Media
CCTP-736 Digital Research: New Ways of Knowing
CCTP-740 Serious Games: Theory and Practice
CCTP-745 Communication Technologies and Organizations
CCTP-748 Media Theory & Meaning Systems
CCTP-752 Communication Theories and Frameworks
CCTP-761 The Digital Divide
CCTP-764 Expressive Computation
CCTP-767 New Media and Politics
CCTP-770 Statistical Methodology
CCTP-799 Governance of Emerging Technologies
CCTP-802 Art and Media Interfaced: Representation and Mediation in the Post-Digital Era
CCTP-804 Advanced Statistical Methodology and Survey Methods
CCTP-805 Media and Political Engagement
CCTP-806 Product Development in the New Digital Age
CCTP-808 Qualitative Methods in Communications Research
CCTP-810 Foresight Methods & Practice
CCTP-811 International ICTs Business and Politics Research Seminar
CCTP-813 Cyberlearning: From Theory to Practice
CCTP-820 Leading by Design: Principles of Technical and Social Systems
CCTP-850 Digital Presence and Strategic Persuasion
CCTP-993 Capstone Internship: Relating Practice to Theory
CCTP-994 Research Methods: Overview of Qualitative and Quantative Approaches