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Academic year
The following Global Human Development courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
GHDP-501 Economics of Development: Growth
GHDP-502 Political Economy of International Development
GHDP-503 Quantitative Methods for Research and Evaluation in Development
GHDP-504 Strategy, Design and Implementation
GHDP-505 Economics of Development: Poverty
GHDP-506 Evaluation for Development
GHDP-507 Development Finance
GHDP-598 Management Analysis & Practice I
GHDP-599 Management Analysis & Practice II
GHDP-608 Global Social Innovation
GHDP-614 Agriculture and Food for Development
GHDP-616 Education and Human Development
GHDP-617 Renewable Energy, Sustainability & Development
GHDP-622 Field Operations for Humanitarian Assistance
GHDP-625 Applied Econometrics for Development Practitioners
GHDP-634 International Health Policies
GHDP-637 Cost-Benefit Analysis
GHDP-643 Social Protection and Development: Theory and Practice
GHDP-644 Highly Vulnerable Children
GHDP-646 Elevating Development in Foreign and Economic Policy
GHDP-650 Global Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
GHDP-651 Innovation in Private Sector
GHDP-655 Rethinking Global Development in a Changing Foreign Policy Context
GHDP-658 Social Finance & Global Development
GHDP-727 Advanced Topics in International Development
GHDP-728 Advanced Topics in International Development
GHDP-748 Advanced Econometrics I: Beyond Linear Regression
GHDP-749 Advanced Econometrics II: Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Methods
GHDP-753 Global Food Supply Chains and Development
GHDP-754 Quantitative Field Research Methods
GHDP-757 Advanced Education Issues
GHDP-758 Qualitative Field Methods
GHDP-759 Agriculture, Environment, & Development: Political Economy Perspectives
GHDP-760 Financing AIDS to Zika in LDCs