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Academic year
The following English courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
ENGL-043 Gateway: American Literature
ENGL-090 Methods of Literary and Cultural Studies
ENGL-091 Literary History I
ENGL-092 Literary History II
ENGL-102 British Poetry: 1600-2000
ENGL-104 Global Medieval Literatures
ENGL-105 Literatures of Medieval Women
ENGL-108 Chaucer
ENGL-116 Gender & Early Modern Lit/Culture
ENGL-118 Early Modern Marvels & Monsters
ENGL-124 Shakespeare
ENGL-132 Seventeenth Century English Literature
ENGL-133 Milton
ENGL-141 17C-18C Women's Writing
ENGL-143 Eighteenth-Century English Novel
ENGL-146 Colonial American Literature
ENGL-147 Early American Fiction
ENGL-149 Early American Women Writers
ENGL-155 19th Century British Novel
ENGL-161 Victorian Literature & Globalization
ENGL-165 Detective Fiction
ENGL-166 Dickens
ENGL-170 U.S. Literary History I
ENGL-171 19C American Literature
ENGL-176 19C American Women's Literature
ENGL-177 Gothic American Fiction
ENGL-181 Literary Modernisms
ENGL-183 Modern & Avant Garde Poetry
ENGL-185 Literature of WWI
ENGL-186 Modern British Literature
ENGL-189 Modernist Women Writers
ENGL-191 British Theatre since 1950
ENGL-192 Orwell Between Culture and System
ENGL-195 African Novel
ENGL-196 20th-C. Irish Literature
ENGL-198 Contemporary India: Film & Lit
ENGL-207 American Expatriate Writers
ENGL-213 Science Fiction and Fantasy
ENGL-214 Literatures of the American West
ENGL-217 American Detective Fiction
ENGL-218 Literature of the City
ENGL-219 Pulp Fiction
ENGL-221 African American Literature 1903-Present
ENGL-225 20th Century Black Women Writers
ENGL-233 Survey of US Latino Literature & Culture
ENGL-236 Asian American Literature
ENGL-240 20th Century American Nature Writing and Ecocriticism
ENGL-241 Faulkner
ENGL-242 Literature and Photography
ENGL-243 TS Eliot
ENGL-244 Philip Roth: Secular Jewish Fiction
ENGL-245 Introduction to Cultural Studies
ENGL-247 Documentary Storytelling
ENGL-248 Problems in Postmodernism
ENGL-250 Introduction to U.S. Film History & Technology
ENGL-252 Post-WWII American Cinema
ENGL-259 Bollywood and Indian Cinema
ENGL-262 SEM: Question of Equality
ENGL-263 Law and Literature
ENGL-265 Introduction to Transatlantic Studies
ENGL-267 Narratives of Travel
ENGL-268 Literature & Human Rights
ENGL-270 Introduction to Disability Studies
ENGL-271 Motherhood: Representations
ENGL-273 Performance Theory
ENGL-280 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL-283 Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGL-285 Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGL-287 Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL-289 Film-making for Writers
ENGL-291 Introduction to Rhetoric
ENGL-296 CBL: Reading, Teaching, Social Reflection
ENGL-297 CBL: Issues in Education
ENGL-298 Sursum Corda
ENGL-304 Medieval Sexualities
ENGL-307 Worlds of Beowolf
ENGL-326 17C Poetry and Prose
ENGL-328 Milton II
ENGL-356 Dickens
ENGL-357 Wordsworth and Coleridge Pre-1801
ENGL-365 Staging Anti-Slavery
ENGL-375 Modern Irish Novel
ENGL-386 Migration, Detention, Asylum
ENGL-405 Reading Toni Morrison
ENGL-413 Horror: Tech & Techniques
ENGL-431 Class Fictions in Contemporary US
ENGL-441 Poetry & Poetics
ENGL-442 Poetics of Diaspora
ENGL-443 Gender & Authority in 20th Century Poetry
ENGL-450 Lannan Poetry Seminar
ENGL-451 Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENGL-453 Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL-456 Intermediate Scriptwriting
ENGL-457 Tutorial: Advanced Scriptwriting
ENGL-458 The Writer's Perspective
ENGL-459 Hybrid Forms
ENGL-461 Capstone: Medieval Literature & Culture
ENGL-463 Capstone: Early Modern Literature & Culture
ENGL-478 Capstone: American Culture
ENGL-482 Capstone: Film Studies
ENGL-483 Capstone: Critical Theory
ENGL-491 Capstone: Poems & Poetics
ENGL-495 Capstone: Honors Thesis
ENGL-504 Medieval Sexualities
ENGL-542 Transformational Tudor Theater
ENGL-546 Milton & Reader Response Criticism
ENGL-578 Early American Women Writers
ENGL-580 19C Comedy
ENGL-593 British Gothic Novel
ENGL-612 Conversations in African American Literature and Criticism
ENGL-660 Poetics of Diaspora
ENGL-675 Class Fictions in Contemporary US
ENGL-690 Literature and Commodity Culture
ENGL-692 Mass Media & the American Mind
ENGL-708 Orientalism and the Human
ENGL-712 Introduction to Critical Theory
ENGL-713 World Literature & Human Rights
ENGL-722 Approaches to Teaching Writing
ENGL-723 Approaches to Teaching Literature
ENGL-735 Rhetorical Ecologies
ENGL-890 MA Capstone Seminar
ENGL-895 Grad Thesis Research Seminar
ENGL-999 Thesis Research I