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Academic year
The following English courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
ENGL-090 Methods of Literary and Cultural Studies
ENGL-091 Literary History I
ENGL-092 Literary History II
ENGL-108 Chaucer & the 14th Century
ENGL-117 Early Modern Revenge Tragedy
ENGL-119 Shakespeare
ENGL-120 Early Modern Epic
ENGL-123 Spenser
ENGL-134 Age of Revolutions
ENGL-136 Early American Fiction
ENGL-144 19C British Poetry
ENGL-150 Victorian Lit & Photography
ENGL-153 19C American Literature
ENGL-162 Modernist Literatures
ENGL-167 Hardy, Larkin, Heaney
ENGL-182 American Lit: The Sixties
ENGL-186 Postmodern Lit
ENGL-187 Post 9/11 Culture
ENGL-198 Literatures of Modern India
ENGL-206 Asian American Lit
ENGL-208 US Latin@ Literature & Culture
ENGL-209 Native American Literature
ENGL-218 Transnational Literature
ENGL-227 African American Poetry
ENGL-233 American Film & Culture
ENGL-234 Science Fiction & Fantasy
ENGL-239 Literarure of Exploration
ENGL-241 New York Stories
ENGL-242 Literary Representations: The City
ENGL-248 History of Advertising
ENGL-251 Intro to Film Theory
ENGL-256 Documentary
ENGL-259 Introduction to Game Studies
ENGL-265 Intro to Cultural Studies
ENGL-274 Italian Cinema
ENGL-280 Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL-281 Intro to Poetry Writing
ENGL-286 Introduction to Rhetoric
ENGL-293 Tutorial: Read/Teach/Reflect II
ENGL-294 Writing to Be Heard
ENGL-298 CBL: Sursum Corda
ENGL-313 Tolkien and Medieval Roots
ENGL-320 Shakespeare: Historical Context
ENGL-406 Race, Law & Lit
ENGL-418 Queer Cinema
ENGL-421 Female Bildungsroman
ENGL-450 Lannan Poetry Seminar
ENGL-452 Advanced Non-Fiction Writing
ENGL-456 Intermediate Scriptwriting
ENGL-457 Advanced Scriptwriting
ENGL-465 Sr. Sem: Early Modern Animal
ENGL-469 Sr. Sem: Beggars & Aristocrats
ENGL-488 Capstone: Lit & Commodity Culture
ENGL-489 Sr. Sem: Katrina Culture
ENGL-496 Tutorial For Thesis Writers
ENGL-504 Medieval Sexualities
ENGL-533 Transformational Tudor Theater
ENGL-536 Milton
ENGL-597 Victorian Sexualities
ENGL-605 Global Modernisms
ENGL-613 Reading Race in American Lit
ENGL-650 Lannan Poetry Seminar
ENGL-681 Intro to Film Theory
ENGL-723 Approaches to Teaching Literature
ENGL-729 Queer Memoir: Theory & Practice
ENGL-999 Thesis Research