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Academic year
The following English courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
ENGL-090 Methods of Lit/Cultural Studies
ENGL-091 Literary History I
ENGL-092 Literary History II
ENGL-102 Poetry: 1600-2000
ENGL-104 Global Medieval Literatures
ENGL-106 Heros and Vikings
ENGL-114 Shakespeare and the Other
ENGL-144 19C British Poetry
ENGL-145 19C British Novel
ENGL-157 Romantic & Realist: 19C US Lit
ENGL-159 American Gothic Fiction
ENGL-164 Mod & Cont Poems & Poetics
ENGL-168 Lit, Art, & Film of WWI
ENGL-187 Post 9/11 Culture
ENGL-209 Native American Lit
ENGL-215 Modern Turkish Literature
ENGL-230 The Short Story
ENGL-233 American Film & Culture
ENGL-243 Lit & Environmental Crisis
ENGL-247 Action Cinema
ENGL-250 US Film History
ENGL-258 Film Noir
ENGL-259 Introduction to Game Studies
ENGL-270 Disability Studies
ENGL-280 Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL-282 Creative Non-Fiction Writing
ENGL-283 Intro to Fiction Writing
ENGL-284 Intro to Script Writing
ENGL-290 Writing and the Museum
ENGL-296 CBL: Reading, Teaching, Social Reflection
ENGL-298 CBL: Sursum Corda
ENGL-299 Washington Confidential
ENGL-358 Keats and Byron
ENGL-370 US Culture: The Depression Era
ENGL-402 Fitzgerald & His Circle
ENGL-410 Death in the Digital
ENGL-428 Contexts for Study of Sexuality
ENGL-455 Experimental Fiction Workshop
ENGL-456 Intermediate Script Writing
ENGL-457 Advanced Script Writing
ENGL-464 Senior Seminar: Shakespeare
ENGL-484 Senior Seminar: Approaching the Anthropocene
ENGL-490 Senior Seminar: Reading the Indian Ocean
ENGL-495 Capstone: Honors Thesis
ENGL-508 Crit Approaches to Chaucer
ENGL-511 Global Medieval Literatures
ENGL-530 Shakespeare
ENGL-610 The Culture of the Thirties
ENGL-638 Reading the Indian Ocean
ENGL-675 Class Fictions in the Contemporary US
ENGL-711 Approaching the Anthropocene
ENGL-712 Intro to Critical Theory
ENGL-722 Approaches to Teaching Writing
ENGL-890 MA Capstone Seminar
ENGL-895 MA Thesis Seminar
ENGL-905 Folger Institute Seminar
ENGL-999 Thesis Research