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Academic year
The following French courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
FREN-001 Introductory French I
FREN-002 Introductory French II
FREN-011 Intensive Basic French
FREN-021 Intermediate French I
FREN-022 Intermediate French II
FREN-032 Intensive Intermediate French
FREN-040 Knights of Old & Harry Potter
FREN-101 Advanced French I
FREN-102 Advanced French II
FREN-111 Intensive Advanced French I
FREN-112 Intensive Advanced French II
FREN-151 Advanced Grammar and Writing
FREN-161 Topics for Oral Proficiency
FREN-211 Readings in French Literature
FREN-250 Rdg Txts/Fr-Speak World: Cultures
FREN-251 Rdg Txts/Fr-Speak World: Lits
FREN-264 French Theater Workshop: 18th Century Comedy
FREN-269 French Theater Workshop: Plays by Women
FREN-270 New Playwrights: French Theater Workshop
FREN-291 Making Sense of Language
FREN-293 Business French
FREN-296 Diplomatic French: Protocol/Social Usage
FREN-301 Tutorial: French
FREN-332 French-Speaking Africa: Languages, Literatures, Cultures
FREN-365 Spectacle in Early Modern France
FREN-368 Coming of Age in the 18th Century
FREN-370 Major French Novelists of the Nineteenth Century
FREN-376 Major Twentieth Century French Novelists I
FREN-440 Memory and Orality in the Literature of Francophone Africa
FREN-442 Parisian World Fairs 1855-1900
FREN-457 Migration and Identity in Contemporary France: Fictions of Integration
FREN-463 Love, Humor, and Society in Early Modern French Literature
FREN-466 Literature of War from Charlemagne to Charles de Gaulle
FREN-478 Modern French-Canadian Lit
FREN-494 Medieval French Language