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Academic year
The following Government courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
GOVT-006 International Relations
GOVT-008 U.S. Political Systems
GOVT-109 American Political Theory
GOVT-117 Elements Of Poilitcal Theory
GOVT-121 Comparative Political Systems
GOVT-228 South Asia Politics: India/Pakistan
GOVT-231 Constitutional Law I
GOVT-232 Constitutional Law II
GOVT-233 Political Parties
GOVT-235 Congressional Politics
GOVT-238 Dept Sem: Asian Security from the Bottom Up
GOVT-239 Dept Sem: Global Justice
GOVT-241 Public Affairs Seminar Internship
GOVT-242 Presidential Electoral Politics
GOVT-252 Dept Sem: Constitutional Reform
GOVT-281 Interest Groups Politics in America
GOVT-288 International Political Economy
GOVT-293 State and Politics in the Former Soviet Union
GOVT-298 International Organizations
GOVT-308 Cuba: Regime Change in Comparative Perspective
GOVT-310 Dept Sem: Interstellar Relations: The Pol. Of Speculative Fic.
GOVT-314 Department Seminar: Imagining Europe
GOVT-323 Dept. Sem: Politics of Nuclear Weapons
GOVT-326 EU Identity/Globalization
GOVT-330 Dept Sem: 20th Century Political Thought
GOVT-340 Dept. Sem: Latin America Turns Left
GOVT-344 US Military Interventions: Theory and Practice
GOVT-347 Dept Sem: Research Seminar on Asia
GOVT-349 Honors Seminar: International Politics
GOVT-350 Department Seminar: Politics of the Christian Right
GOVT-353 Dept Sem: War in the Modern World
GOVT-354 Environmental Politics
GOVT-356 Religion and Politics
GOVT-357 Dept Sem. Modern Critics of Modernity
GOVT-364 Lobbying & Interests
GOVT-365 Politics of East Central Europe
GOVT-367 Dept. Sem: Presidential Rhetoric
GOVT-369 International Security
GOVT-371 Dept Sem: Energy in the Global Environment
GOVT-373 Dept Sem: Pol Parties:Comp Pers
GOVT-376 Sports, Politics, and Cultural Diplomacy
GOVT-377 Dept Sem: Between Democracy and Autocracy
GOVT-378 Dept. Sem: Presidential Debates
GOVT-381 Dept Sem: Democracy and Conflict in the Andes
GOVT-383 Latin American Politics and Society
GOVT-386 Dept. Sem: The Politics of Social Protection & The Welfare State
GOVT-388 Russian Foreign Policy
GOVT-391 Dept Sem: Domestic Politics of International Law
GOVT-393 American Politics & the Media
GOVT-400 Dept Sem: Cultures of Corruption
GOVT-403 International Law
GOVT-404 Third World Politics
GOVT-406 Human Rights/International Relations
GOVT-407 Russia and China in the Global Economy
GOVT-409 Dept Sem: Is God Winning? Surging Religion and Global Politics
GOVT-413 Dept Sem: Emot/Psy Costs of Liberalism
GOVT-415 Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy
GOVT-418 Dept Sem: National Security and the Constitution
GOVT-420 Ethics & International Relations
GOVT-422 Dept Sem: International Law in the Commons
GOVT-423 Dept Sem: Critical Issues of the Transatlantic World
GOVT-425 Rhetorical Discourse and Democratic Theory
GOVT-426 Arms Control in the Middle East
GOVT-429 Women and Politics
GOVT-431 US-Latin American Relations in the Era of Globalization
GOVT-434 Dept Sem: Islam and Democracy
GOVT-436 Roman Political Thought
GOVT-444 Arab-Israeli Conflict
GOVT-452 Dept Sem: Crime, Corruption & Democracy
GOVT-453 Quantitative Methods for Political and Legal Research
GOVT-454 Psyche and History
GOVT-457 Dept Sem: China-India: Biz, Govt, Globalization
GOVT-458 Arab Politics in Transition
GOVT-459 Dept. Sem. Political Risk - Pol Econ Asia: Tigers - Japan to Chindia
GOVT-461 Dept Sem: Selective Problems in American Foreign Policy
GOVT-465 Politics in North Africa
GOVT-471 Catholic Natural Law
GOVT-473 Dept Sem: Islam and Democratization: Lessons Learned from the Arab Spring
GOVT-475 American Political Culture
GOVT-476 Dept Sem: Problems in Democratic Theory
GOVT-480 Dept Sem: Senior Honors Writing Seminar
GOVT-481 Tocqueville: Democracy in America
GOVT-482 Dept Sem: Law, Ethics, and Politics: The Case of Marriage
GOVT-485 Dept Sem: Children, Politics, and Public Policy
GOVT-487 The Middle East in Transition
GOVT-488 Environmental Law
GOVT-490 Political Theory and Natural Law
GOVT-492 Dept Sem: Max Weber
GOVT-494 The Psychotic Edge of Politics
GOVT-495 Dept Sem: Arguing Religous Freedom
GOVT-501 Analysis of Political Data
GOVT-502 Citizen Security & Democracy in Latin America
GOVT-503 Indian Political Economy
GOVT-508 Informal Economic Institutions
GOVT-509 Political Economy of Human Security
GOVT-517 Sport and Peacebuilding
GOVT-520 Approaches/Topics in American Politics
GOVT-521 MA Capstone: Leadership & Process
GOVT-523 Values in Political Advocacy
GOVT-527 Democracy & Stabilization
GOVT-529 American Political Development
GOVT-538 Program Design and Evaluation
GOVT-541 Research Methods in Democracy & Development
GOVT-542 Civil Society in Transitioning Countries and Emerging Democracies
GOVT-545 History and Politics of the Caucasus
GOVT-550 Democratic Change: Policy/Practice/Politics
GOVT-551 Governance and the Rule of Law
GOVT-554 International Electoral Policy and Practice
GOVT-555 Post-Communist Politics
GOVT-564 Comparative Democratization
GOVT-570 U.S. Intelligence and Law
GOVT-578 Transnational Justice: Truth Commissions, Prosecutions & Peacebuilding
GOVT-580 Conflict Resolution Theory
GOVT-581 Conflict Resolution Skills
GOVT-582 Arabs in Africa: Conflict and State Formations in Africa
GOVT-583 Food Security and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-584 Business and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-585 Managing Organizational Conflict
GOVT-588 Criminal Law and Conflict Resolution: Victims/Witness/Defendants
GOVT-589 Gender and Peacebuilding
GOVT-592 Conflict Resolution and Development
GOVT-593 Culture and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-595 Evaluation of Conflict Resolution
GOVT-596 Capstone Course in Conflict Resolution
GOVT-597 Environment and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-598 Conflict Resolution/Terrorism
GOVT-612 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
GOVT-618 Welfare States in Transition
GOVT-623 Congressional Politics
GOVT-625 The American Presidency
GOVT-626 Presidential Electoral Politics
GOVT-632 Psychology & Politics
GOVT-637 Comparative Political Economy
GOVT-644 Religion and Globalization
GOVT-645 Theories of Political Development
GOVT-647 Limits to Authoritarian Upgrading
GOVT-648 Graduate Research Seminar on Russian Politics
GOVT-653 Politics of Economic Reform
GOVT-654 Democracy & Reform in SE Asia
GOVT-657 Political Institutions
GOVT-658 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
GOVT-667 Contemporary Debates In International Security
GOVT-669 Future of International Legal Order
GOVT-670 Sources of Nationalism
GOVT-677 Civil-Military Relations
GOVT-688 Law & Religion Seminar: Acc.
GOVT-700 Scope & Methods of Political Science
GOVT-701 Analysis of Political Data
GOVT-702 Advanced Political Analysis
GOVT-704 Qualitative Methods
GOVT-705 Game Theory
GOVT-720 Approaches/Topics in American Politics
GOVT-721 Research in American Politics
GOVT-740 Methodology of Comparative Politics
GOVT-750 Civil Society and Democracy
GOVT-760 Ph.D. Sminar in Fundamentals of International Relations
GOVT-761 IR Theory & Approaches
GOVT-762 International Political Economy
GOVT-763 Ph.D. Seminar in International Security
GOVT-776 Seminar: International Legal Philosophy
GOVT-777 Ph.D. Seminar in Substate Vioilence
GOVT-778 State Formation
GOVT-780 Fundamentals of Political Theory
GOVT-781 Political Theory Methods Seminar
GOVT-786 Liberallism, Capabilities, and Citizenship