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Academic year
The following Government courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
GOVT-020 U.S. Political Systems
GOVT-040 Comparative Political Systems
GOVT-060 International Relations
GOVT-080 Elements of Political Theory
GOVT-201 Analysis of Political Data-I
GOVT-202 Analysis of Political Data-II
GOVT-216 American Secularism
GOVT-219 Prisons and Punishment
GOVT-225 Race and Ethnicity in the US
GOVT-226 Religion and American Politics
GOVT-231 Constitutional Law I
GOVT-232 Constitutional Law-II
GOVT-233 Political Parties
GOVT-235 Congressional Politics
GOVT-237 Education, Politics, and Policymaking
GOVT-255 American Presidency
GOVT-260 International Security
GOVT-261 International Political Economy
GOVT-262 International Organizations
GOVT-263 International Law
GOVT-264 Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy
GOVT-265 International Law and War
GOVT-267 International Trade Law
GOVT-268 Political Economy of Development
GOVT-276 Human Rights in International Relations
GOVT-283 African American Political Thought
GOVT-303 Topics
GOVT-306 Poverty, Social Policy, and Democracy
GOVT-313 Dept Sem: Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs
GOVT-320 Mullen Seminar: Law & the Presidency
GOVT-321 Public Policy Internship & Sem
GOVT-322 Dept Sem: Obama Administration
GOVT-327 Dept Sem: Constitutional Reform
GOVT-329 Dept Sem: Women and Politics
GOVT-330 Dept Sem: Democracy and Education
GOVT-340 Dept Sem: State Building
GOVT-344 Dept Sem: Energy and the Coming World
GOVT-351 Dept Sem: Constitutions, Courts, and Rights in New Democracies
GOVT-358 Chinese Politics
GOVT-359 Dept Sem: Islam and Democracy
GOVT-361 Prisons & Punishment
GOVT-363 Dept Sem: Peacekeeping
GOVT-364 Dept Sem: The Arab-Israeli Wars
GOVT-365 Politics of East Central Europe
GOVT-367 Dept. Sem: Economic Transparency and Political Stability
GOVT-369 Dept Sem: Debates in International Security
GOVT-370 Dept Sem: Intl Polit Honors Sem
GOVT-371 Dept Sem: Energy in the Global Environment
GOVT-373 Equality, Democracy, and the Welfare State
GOVT-374 Dept Sem: Senior Research Seminar on Asia
GOVT-376 Dept Sem: Globalization and Redistribution in Developing Countries
GOVT-377 War & Peace: The Arabs-Israel, 1948
GOVT-378 Presidential Debates
GOVT-380 Dept Sem: Tocquevill: Dem in Am
GOVT-382 Dept Sem:Max Weber
GOVT-385 Dept Sem: Ethics of Incarceration
GOVT-386 Dept Sem/Giles Seminar: Human Rights and Civil Liberties
GOVT-388 Dept Sem: Autobiography and American Democracy
GOVT-393 Dept Sem: Comparative Pol Theory
GOVT-394 Classical Foundations of American Political Thought
GOVT-397 Dept Sem: Markets & Justice--20th Century Debates
GOVT-399 Politics and Literature
GOVT-401 Dept Sem:Sr Honors Res Thesis
GOVT-402 Dept Sem: Plato's Political Philosophy
GOVT-420 Ethics & International Relations
GOVT-434 Dept Sem: Islam and Democracy
GOVT-442 Civil War in Developing Countries
GOVT-443 Russian Foreign Policy
GOVT-444 Dept Sem: Globalization and Autocracy
GOVT-446 Dept Sem: Politics of North Africa
GOVT-449 Political Institutions and Governance
GOVT-450 Politics of East Central Europe
GOVT-455 Latin American Government and Politics
GOVT-457 Philosophies of Liberation
GOVT-458 Arab Politics in Transition
GOVT-461 Catholic Social Thought
GOVT-465 Dept Sem: Islam and Democracy
GOVT-466 Dept Sem: Terror and Reprisal in the Middle East
GOVT-480 Junior Honors Seminar: Shakespeare and Political Thought
GOVT-483 Music and Politics
GOVT-484 Shakespeare and Political Thought: Regimes of Politics Enacted
GOVT-487 American Political Thought
GOVT-490 Dept. Sem: Classic Texts in Political Economy
GOVT-498 Plato's Political Philosophy
GOVT-501 Analysis of Political Data
GOVT-520 Approaches/Topics in American Politics
GOVT-521 MA Capstone: Leadership & Process
GOVT-522 MA Capstone Seminar 2: Practicum Writing
GOVT-523 Values in Political Advocacy
GOVT-526 Leadership Seminar
GOVT-528 American Politics and the Media
GOVT-529 American Political Development
GOVT-532 Research Methods in Democracy & Governance
GOVT-533 Authoritarianism & Hybrid Regimes
GOVT-542 Civil Society in Transitioning Countries and Emerging Democracies
GOVT-545 State Department Student Research Group
GOVT-546 States & Societies in Latin America
GOVT-548 USAID Student Research Group
GOVT-550 Democracy Promotion
GOVT-551 Comparative Policy Process
GOVT-554 International Electoral Policy and Practice
GOVT-555 Post-Communist Politics
GOVT-556 Korea and the World
GOVT-560 Corruption and Governance
GOVT-561 Political Violence in the Name of God: Holy War, Jihad and Religious Revolution
GOVT-562 Conflict and Democracy
GOVT-564 Comparative Democratization
GOVT-566 Politics of Cuba
GOVT-570 Gender and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-573 Human Rights & Conflict Resolution
GOVT-574 Smaller States and Peacemaking
GOVT-575 Ethnic Politics and Conflict
GOVT-576 Civil War
GOVT-577 Corruption, Conflict, and Security
GOVT-578 Conflict Resolution in the Former USSR
GOVT-579 Research Design & Conflict Resolution
GOVT-580 Conflict Resolution Theory
GOVT-581 Intro to Conflict Resolution Skills
GOVT-582 Renaissance and Early Modern Political Thought
GOVT-584 Business and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-587 Transitional Justice: Trials, Purges and Truth Commissions
GOVT-588 Criminal Law and Conflict Resolution: Victims/Witness/Defendants
GOVT-589 Development responses to political violence
GOVT-590 Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-591 Conflict Resolution Policy
GOVT-592 Conflict Resolution and Development
GOVT-593 Culture and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-594 Militias and Rebel Groups in Africa
GOVT-595 Evaluation and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-596 Capstone Course in Conflict Resolution
GOVT-597 Environment and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-598 Terrorism and Conflict Resolution
GOVT-627 Political Parties
GOVT-628 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
GOVT-629 Executive Branch Policy Making
GOVT-633 Women and Leadership
GOVT-645 Theories of Political Development
GOVT-646 Chinese Politics
GOVT-647 Global Justice
GOVT-662 Theories and Conflicts at the Intersection of Law, Morality, and Religion
GOVT-671 Civil War and Substate Conflict
GOVT-679 International Relations and Diplomacy of East Asia
GOVT-681 Dept Sem: Tocquevill: Dem in Am
GOVT-684 Graduate Seminar: Justice and Immigration
GOVT-688 Religion, Morality and Contested Claims for Justice
GOVT-700 The Practice of Political Science
GOVT-701 Quantitative Methods 1
GOVT-702 Quantitative Methods 2
GOVT-703 Quantitative Methods 3
GOVT-704 Qualitative Methods
GOVT-720 AG Field Workshop III
GOVT-723 AG Field Workshop II
GOVT-740 Methodology of Comparative Politics
GOVT-753 Failed and Fragile States
GOVT-760 Fundamentals of International Relations
GOVT-761 IR Theory & Approaches
GOVT-763 International Security
GOVT-764 US Foreign Policy Process
GOVT-770 American Foreign Policy
GOVT-780 Fundamentals of Political Theory
GOVT-781 Methods of Political Theory
GOVT-782 20th Century political thought