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Academic year
The following History courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
HIST-007 Intro Early Hist: [see description]
HIST-008 Intro Late Hist: [see description]
HIST-102 Medieval and early Renaissance Italy
HIST-103 Late Renaissance/Early Modern Italy
HIST-108 Central Eurasia
HIST-109 The Islamic World
HIST-111 Africa I
HIST-112 Africa II
HIST-120 Confucian world to 1800
HIST-122 China I
HIST-123 China II
HIST-124 History of Japan I
HIST-125 Modern Japan
HIST-129 South Asia II
HIST-135 British History II
HIST-142 First-year seminar: Welcome to Paris!
HIST-158 Latin America I
HIST-159 Latin America II
HIST-160 Middle East I
HIST-161 Middle East II
HIST-170 History of Russia I
HIST-171 History of Russia II
HIST-172 History of East Central Europe I
HIST-173 East Central European History II
HIST-180 United States History to 1865
HIST-181 The U.S. since the Civil War
HIST-209 The atomic age
HIST-217 Health and disease in African history
HIST-228 Religion and politics in South Asia
HIST-230 Europe from the Fall of Rome to the Millennium
HIST-231 Europe from the Millennium to the Black Death
HIST-232 History and legend in medieval Britain
HIST-234 The Vikings
HIST-235 Age of Revolution: Europe 1789-1848
HIST-237 Europe since 1945
HIST-238 The age of Dante
HIST-239 The Crusades
HIST-241 History of international Law
HIST-281 Labor and civil liberties
HIST-282 American Diplomatic History I
HIST-283 American Diplomatic History II
HIST-284 History of American Labor Since 1870
HIST-286 North American Slavery
HIST-288 Intro to African-American history
HIST-292 Women and the Making of Modern America
HIST-295 Radical tradition in the US
HIST-297 Religion, ideology, culture in Black America
HIST-301 Independent Study in History
HIST-302 Independent Study in History
HIST-303 Global History of Revolutions
HIST-304 Topics in world history: Europeans and the Tropics
HIST-305 International Perspectives and Global History
HIST-309 Witches and Witchcraft, 1400-1750
HIST-314 City life in Africa
HIST-326 China from Liberation to the Olympics
HIST-329 Cold war in East Asia
HIST-330 Martin Luther: Devil or Saint?
HIST-334 Welcome to Paris!
HIST-336 Christians and the Holocaust
HIST-339 Eternal city: a history of Rome
HIST-341 Origins of the state in Europe
HIST-342 Heresy and authority in the Middle Ages
HIST-344 Collaboration and Resistance in Europe under Hitler and Stalin
HIST-345 European Fascism
HIST-349 Self and World: Autobiography and Identity in Europe, 1400-1800
HIST-352 Topics in Latin American History: Sports in the Americas
HIST-354 Environmental history of pre-Columbian Latin America
HIST-359 Resistance and Rebellion in the Andean World
HIST-363 Islam in the West
HIST-364 Revolutionary Thought in Islam
HIST-369 Piracy in Middle East history
HIST-373 Soviet dissident movements
HIST-376 Russia in the Silver Age
HIST-380 History of New Orleans
HIST-381 Military History of NATO
HIST-382 Topics in US History: see descriptions
HIST-383 What Is an American? Cultural Identity in the United States
HIST-387 Recent US political economy
HIST-389 Conservatism
HIST-393 Geneaology and US history
HIST-397 New perspectives on the Cold War
HIST-400 Global environmental history
HIST-408 Senior Honors Seminar in History
HIST-409 Senior Honors Seminar in History
HIST-410 The African Atlantic
HIST-426 European encounters with Asia 1450-1750
HIST-429 Chinese environmental history
HIST-430 The French Republic and its religious minorities
HIST-431 Outer space from Plato to Newton
HIST-434 Sex and Celibacy: Nuns and Prostitutes in Europe
HIST-435 The Americanization of Europe
HIST-442 The Enlightenment
HIST-446 European intellectual history, 20th century
HIST-447 The First World War
HIST-449 Food in European History
HIST-452 Mexican migration to the US
HIST-456 Native peoples making modern Latin America
HIST-462 History of Islam in Africa
HIST-468 Islamic Modernism
HIST-470 Nation and empire in Russian history
HIST-497 African-Americans in Washington DC
HIST-501 History Core Colloquium
HIST-504 Introduction to Global and International History
HIST-505 Comparative History
HIST-551 Latin American Origins and Transformations
HIST-564 Arab Intellectuals in the Modern World
HIST-565 Mediterranean Frontiers
HIST-627 Central Eurasia in World History
HIST-636 Colloquium on Early Modern Europe
HIST-646 Collective identities 20th-c Europe
HIST-659 Global Power and Local Culture in Early Latin America
HIST-671 World War II on the Eastern Front
HIST-675 Colloquium: History of Poland, Lithuania, and the Ukraine
HIST-678 Nineteenth-Century Imperial Russia
HIST-681 Oil and World Power
HIST-688 The Black Atlantic
HIST-701 The 1960s in transnational perspective
HIST-723 Topics in 20th-Century China
HIST-724 East Asia research seminar
HIST-740 Monarchy and Modernity in Central Europe
HIST-760 Arab Historiography
HIST-761 Islamic Movements
HIST-764 Gender and Empire: The Middle East
HIST-805 Environmental/Transregional Research Seminar
HIST-806 Environmental/Transregional Research Seminar
HIST-807 Comparative Nuclear Cultures
HIST-808 The Politics of Violence
HIST-864 North Africa Research Seminar
HIST-865 North Africa Research Seminar
HIST-886 Research Seminar in US History