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Academic year
The following History courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
HIST-007 Intro Early Hist: [see description]
HIST-008 Intro Late Hist: [see description]
HIST-099 Hist Focus [see description]
HIST-102 Internship tutorial class Spring
HIST-106 Atlantic World
HIST-107 Pacific World
HIST-108 Central Eurasia
HIST-109 The Islamic World
HIST-111 Africa I
HIST-112 Africa II
HIST-120 Confucian world to 1800
HIST-122 China I
HIST-123 China II
HIST-124 History of Japan I
HIST-125 Modern Japan
HIST-126 South East Asia I
HIST-127 South East Asia II
HIST-128 South Asia I
HIST-129 Modern South Asia
HIST-133 First-Year Seminar: The present and the past
HIST-145 Late medieval/early Renaissance Italy
HIST-146 Late Renaissance and Early Modern Italy
HIST-158 Latin America I
HIST-159 Latin America II
HIST-160 Middle East I
HIST-161 Middle East II
HIST-170 History of Russia I
HIST-171 History of Russia II
HIST-172 History of East Central Europe I
HIST-173 East Central European History II
HIST-180 United States History to 1865
HIST-181 The U.S. since the Civil War
HIST-184 Ft-Yr seminar: American work
HIST-186 First-year seminar: Socialism
HIST-209 The atomic age
HIST-220 British Colonialism in South Asia
HIST-221 Central Asia between Russia and China: A Comparative History
HIST-223 History of Pakistan
HIST-224 Films and women in South Asia
HIST-226 History of Korea in NE Asia
HIST-231 Europe from the Millennium to the Black Death
HIST-234 The Vikings
HIST-236 Europe in the world wars
HIST-240 The Reformation in Europe
HIST-245 World War I in war and peace
HIST-249 Central Europe
HIST-256 Popular Music in Brazil and Cuba
HIST-267 Modern North Africa
HIST-282 American Diplomatic History I
HIST-283 American Diplomatic History II
HIST-285 History of African-American Women
HIST-286 North American Slavery
HIST-296 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST-299 The United States in the 1960s
HIST-301 Independent Study in History
HIST-302 Independent Study in History
HIST-304 Topics in world history: see description
HIST-305 International Perspectives and Global History
HIST-306 Researching the geopolitics of oil
HIST-307 Dictatorships in world history
HIST-308 Empires
HIST-314 African biography
HIST-315 Environmental history of Africa
HIST-323 Language literature and power in South Asia
HIST-325 Modern China: Fiction and history
HIST-335 Food: The Industrial Age
HIST-339 Eternal city: a history of Rome
HIST-342 Government secrecy in the twentieth century
HIST-352 Topics in Latin American History: see descriptions
HIST-360 Islam and war
HIST-361 Pirates, Soldiers, and Diplomats: Islam and the West, 1500-1914
HIST-362 Topics in Middle East History: Women and violence in the Middle East
HIST-363 Muslims in the West
HIST-368 Empires and borderlands in the Balkans and the Middle East
HIST-371 (In)tolerance in Eastern Europe from the Renaissance to the Holocaust
HIST-378 The Ukrainian Conflict and its Roots
HIST-382 Topics in US History: The making of Latino America
HIST-387 Recent US political economy
HIST-388 Jazz/civil rights/American society
HIST-393 Genealogy and US history
HIST-397 Cold War Lessons and Legacy
HIST-399 Antebellum and Civil War
HIST-404 Global history of plague
HIST-408 Senior Honors Seminar in History
HIST-409 Senior Honors Seminar in History
HIST-435 The Americanization of Europe
HIST-438 Sex and power in Europe, 800-1600
HIST-439 History of travel
HIST-451 Urban poverty in Latin America
HIST-458 Mexico, Mexicans, and the US
HIST-460 Imperialism in the Middle East before World War I
HIST-461 Traveling: Middle East and European encounters
HIST-462 The Middle East after World War I
HIST-466 United States and the Middle East
HIST-468 Islamic Modernism
HIST-471 Russia in the age of Doctor Zhivago
HIST-474 Russian revolutionaries: Radicals and terrorists before 1917
HIST-480 Lincoln's America
HIST-482 Black capitalism
HIST-488 W.E.B. DuBois seminar
HIST-501 History Core Colloquium
HIST-504 Global and International History
HIST-505 Comparative History
HIST-506 Graduate Writing Seminar
HIST-549 Global Nineteenth Century
HIST-551 Latin American Origins and Transformations
HIST-569 Sayyid Qutb and Contemporary Islamic Thought
HIST-583 Race and History
HIST-585 United States-East Asia Relations
HIST-602 Locating History: Space and Scale
HIST-604 Feeling the Past: Emotions & Senses in History
HIST-627 Central Eurasia in World History
HIST-644 Material Culture
HIST-671 World War II on the Eastern Front
HIST-681 Oil and World Power
HIST-682 US Women's and Gender History
HIST-713 Twentieth-Century Africa
HIST-744 Gender in the Early Modern World
HIST-756 The Americas in the World, 1500-1800
HIST-769 Islamic Law, Gender, and Women
HIST-774 Early Russia
HIST-805 Environmental/Transregional History Research Seminar
HIST-806 Transregional History Research Seminar
HIST-809 Research Seminar: Omnibus
HIST-833 Research Seminar: Late Medieval/Early Modern Europe
HIST-862 Social History of the Middle East/North Africa (Research Seminar)
HIST-863 Middle East/North Africa Research Seminar