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Academic year
The following International Affairs courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
INAF-008 Map of the Modern World
INAF-100 SFS Proseminar
INAF-104 Beginners Swahili I
INAF-105 Beginner's Swahili II
INAF-198 Inter-Religious Dialogue: Learning to Speak with the Religious Other
INAF-199 Introduction to Jewish Civilization
INAF-203 Intermediate Swahili
INAF-204 Intermediate Swahili II
INAF-224 Symb of Faith: Jw/Chr/Islm Art
INAF-230 History and Evolution of Zionism
INAF-234 Japan's Search for Strategy
INAF-239 The Military Instrument of National Power
INAF-241 Kabbalah in Its Contents
INAF-248 The Question of Equality: Literature & Political Theory in Africa & the Wes
INAF-252 Introduction to Economic and Political Development
INAF-259 Diaspora Politics in America and the Antipodes
INAF-263 Burma/Myanmar in Transition
INAF-264 Secularism, Atheism, Agnosticism
INAF-301 International Affairs Tutorial
INAF-305 Intro: Health & Development
INAF-307 Political Economy of European Integration
INAF-309 Australian/New Zealand Tutorial
INAF-310 Sport and National Identity
INAF-312 US-Africa Relations
INAF-314 Immigration and Conflict: Australian and American Experiences
INAF-315 History & Social Theory
INAF-316 National Interests and Global Business
INAF-318 National Interests and Identity in Settler Societies
INAF-320 French Rep & Its Rel Min
INAF-321 History: Peacemaking in the ME
INAF-323 New Zealand Cinema and National Identity
INAF-326 Politics of China
INAF-330 Geopolitics I: Great Powers, World Orders, and Geopolitical Transitions
INAF-333 Cultural Geography of Turkey and Eastern Med
INAF-334 Wealth and Poverty: The History of Development
INAF-336 21st C Geopolitical Realities
INAF-338 International Affairs Research & Internship Seminar
INAF-339 Krogh Honors Seminar
INAF-341 Addressing State Failure
INAF-344 Grand Stragety in Comparative and Historical Perspective
INAF-347 Dept Sem: Sr Sem on Asia
INAF-348 African Studies: Capstone Course
INAF-349 Philip Roth: Secular Jewish Fiction
INAF-350 Religion and International Affairs
INAF-355 Refugees in International Relations
INAF-357 African Politics/Governments
INAF-358 Catholic-Muslim Relations Post Vatican II
INAF-360 Peacemaking and Peacekeeping: A Middle Power Perspective
INAF-363 Practicing Diplomacy Abroad
INAF-364 Land/Indig Peoples/Conflict
INAF-365 America and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Issues in Policy and Diplomacy
INAF-367 Asia-Pacific Integration
INAF-369 Political Violence in Africa
INAF-378 The Association of Southeat Asian Nations (ASEAN): Past and Present
INAF-380 Theory and Practice of International Negotiation
INAF-383 Micro Foundations/Growth+Devmt
INAF-386 Soviet Dissident Movements
INAF-389 U.S.-Southeast Asian Relations in the Post 9/11 World
INAF-392 Econ Analysis of Sub-Sn Africa
INAF-393 Islam and Politics
INAF-394 Israel,Hamas&Hezbollah:21st C.
INAF-404 The Pivot:Us & Contemp SE Asia
INAF-406 The United States and Latin America in the Modern Era
INAF-410 China and India as Emerging Global Technological Powers
INAF-413 Japan's Search for Strategy
INAF-417 Shariah Law and its Discontents
INAF-419 Citiz, Belong, Mobility in Eur
INAF-420 Cultures & Society of Modern India
INAF-423 Politics of International Religious Freedom
INAF-426 Religious/ Secular Divide In the Muslim World: Its Roots and Implications For Security and Politics Today
INAF-428 Islamic Mystical Texts & Law
INAF-429 Coporate Finance
INAF-435 Problems in Multilateral Diplomacy
INAF-436 International Financial Markets
INAF-437 Devt Pract in Fragl/Confl Sts
INAF-438 Religion, Ethics and World Affairs
INAF-441 Muslim-Christian Relations in World History
INAF-442 Islam, Pol & Sec in Mod C Asia
INAF-443 Jewish Civilization Senior Colloquium
INAF-444 Statecraft and Negotiation
INAF-449 China's Evolving Role in Africa
INAF-450 African Development
INAF-452 Turkish Foreign Policy
INAF-453 America's National Security Tool Box
INAF-454 European Studies Colloquium
INAF-456 Salafi Islam: From the Mosque to Parliament
INAF-459 Emerging Powers(IBSA)in Africa
INAF-460 Is There an Islamic Political Philosophy?
INAF-464 US-China Relations
INAF-465 Govt/Politics of Turkey
INAF-467 Medicine, Science & Power in S Asia
INAF-472 The Chinese Economy
INAF-473 Islam & Study/Mslm-Chrstn Rel
INAF-474 American Entrepreneurship in China
INAF-476 Europe's Promise and Predicaments
INAF-481 Religion and American Foreign Policy
INAF-485 Dvmt Challenges of the BRICs
INAF-486 Sr. Sem: Tech/Global/Growth
INAF-487 Practice/Ethics in Global Development
INAF-490 Economic Devt in SE Asia
INAF-491 Business Politics in Africa
INAF-493 International Business Ethics
INAF-494 Shi’ism and Radical Politics in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon
INAF-496 US Strat in Asia:Hist & Pract
INAF-499 Assessing U.S.-Japan Relations
INAF-502 Outsourcing, Offshoring & Services in Global Economy
INAF-503 WTO Dispute Settlement
INAF-504 IBD Outsource/Offshore/SrvTrade
INAF-506 Politics & The Media: An American-European Perspective
INAF-507 International Business Operations
INAF-508 Topics: IBD, Business, Government and the Global Economy
INAF-515 Redefining Geopolitical Relationships
INAF-520 Islamists/Elections/Politics:ME
INAF-523 Globalization: Challenges for Developed Countries
INAF-528 Glob:Risks & Invest in Emerg Mkt
INAF-531 International Political Risk Analysis
INAF-538 Egypt and the Revolution
INAF-542 Economy of Energy and Oil
INAF-553 Politics of Difference: Europe
INAF-590 International Relations in Europe
INAF-592 Diplomacy and Statecraft
INAF-594 Business and Investment Negotiations
INAF-596 Economic Development
INAF-619 Arab and Middle East International Politics
INAF-632 Strategy, Politics & Economics
INAF-641 Central & E Europe: US For Pol
INAF-648 International Migration and Development
INAF-649 Great Famines, Humanitarian Assistance, and War
INAF-652 1960s Italy: Ideas & Pol
INAF-687 Refugee Law and Policy
INAF-698 Introduction to Human Rights
INAF-711 Politics and Memory in Europe
INAF-718 Immigration Law and Policy
INAF-725 Comp Politics of Middle East
INAF-733 Trans Enviro/UN Climate Change
INAF-739 Qualitative Research Methodology
INAF-741 Quant Methods in Practics
INAF-753 Crisis in Europe
INAF-754 Principles and Institutions for Collective Decisions
INAF-755 Research Design and Approaches
INAF-907 MAGES Internship Tutorial
INAF-912 Jr Fellows in Diplo Res Proj