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Academic year
The following International Affairs courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
INAF-008 Map of the Modern World
INAF-100 SFS Proseminar
INAF-104 Beginners Swahili I
INAF-109 Theo Aspects of ME Morass
INAF-150 Politics and Economics of Authoritarianism
INAF-199 Introduction to Jewish Civilization
INAF-200 Research Seminar
INAF-203 Intermediate Swahili
INAF-214 Introduction to Transnational Problems
INAF-228 Islam and Terrorism
INAF-245 America In the ME Since 1776
INAF-250 Modern Asia
INAF-251 Holocaust Literature
INAF-252 Introduction to Economic and Political Development
INAF-257 Media, Culture and Politics in the Middle East
INAF-269 What Really Happened in the Camps?
INAF-276 Holocaust by Bullets
INAF-286 Advanced Swahili II
INAF-294 Environment in Africa
INAF-301 International Affairs Tutorial
INAF-309 Australian/New Zealand Tutorial
INAF-310 Advanced Swahili I
INAF-311 India Innovation Studio: Designing for Droughts 1
INAF-312 India Innovation Studio: Designing for Droughts II
INAF-313 Gender and the Quran
INAF-314 Immigration and Conflict: Australian and American Experiences
INAF-317 Trump's Foreign Policy
INAF-326 Politics of China
INAF-331 The School that Walsh Built
INAF-332 Political Economy of Asia
INAF-335 Int'l Affairs Internship Qatar
INAF-337 Internship Tutorial
INAF-338 Internship in International Affairs
INAF-339 Krogh Honors Seminar
INAF-347 Dept Sem: Sr Sem on Asia
INAF-351 Post 1979 Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran
INAF-357 African Politics/Governments
INAF-362 History's Influence on Foreign Affairs
INAF-363 Practicing Diplomacy Abroad
INAF-364 Land/Indig Peoples/Conflict
INAF-367 Trade in Asia Pacific
INAF-368 Making Adaptive Decisions During Stress: Mind-Body Tools to Enhance Performance and Build Resilience
INAF-369 Activism in Higher Education
INAF-370 Revolutions in Comparative Perspective
INAF-371 Arab-Israeli Conflict
INAF-378 The Association of Southeat Asian Nations (ASEAN): Past and Present
INAF-380 Negotiations and Engagement on the Global Stage
INAF-382 Character, Conscience and Courage
INAF-383 Applied Econometrics for Development: Stata Practicum
INAF-387 Agitators, Pastors & Organizers
INAF-388 International Business Ethics
INAF-390 Australian-American Alliance
INAF-392 Economics of Africa
INAF-395 The Political Economy of Development in Africa
INAF-396 Social Change: Sub-Saharan Africa
INAF-397 Muslim Women & the West
INAF-403 Sexuality & Powr in Islam Trad
INAF-404 African Americans and Africa
INAF-414 Geopolitics of Energy in Asia
INAF-423 Politics of International Religious Freedom
INAF-425 Terrorism & Insurgency in Africa
INAF-427 Tradition and Modernity in Southeast Asian Islam
INAF-429 Amer Civ Libs & Nat'l Security
INAF-430 Islam in Africa
INAF-431 South Asia: Issues of War/Peace
INAF-438 Religion, Ethics and World Affairs
INAF-443 Jewish Civilization Senior Colloquium
INAF-444 Statecraft and Negotiation
INAF-445 Nigeria: Conflict and Change
INAF-449 China's Evolving Role in Africa
INAF-457 China and the Middle East
INAF-458 Fiction, Faith and Violence
INAF-465 Govt/Politics of Turkey
INAF-466 State-Building After the Gun
INAF-468 Environmental Migration
INAF-470 Korea-Japan Relations Since World War II
INAF-473 Study of Islam & Muslim-Christian Relations
INAF-475 Politics/War/Smuggling
INAF-481 Religion, Justice, & American National Security
INAF-487 Poverty and Inequity: Practice and Ethics in Global Development
INAF-488 Future of Islam and Politics in the Middle East
INAF-496 U.S. Strategy in Asia: History and Practice
INAF-546 International Human Rights Law and Terrorism
INAF-560 Ethnic Politics
INAF-569 Sayyid Qutb & Islamic Extremism
INAF-570 Global Institutions: The UN and Beyond
INAF-635 ISD Capstone: The Once and Future Yemen: A Case Study on Rebuilding a Shattered State
INAF-636 ISD Capstone - U.S. Engagement in Southeast Asia: Past, Present and Future of the Rebalance Policy
INAF-637 ISD Capstone - Challenges to U.S. Power: Managing a New World Order
INAF-648 International Migration and Development
INAF-687 Refugee Law and Policy
INAF-718 Immigration Law and Policy