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Academic year
The following International Politics courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
IPOL-210 Borders and Security Concerns
IPOL-240 Introduction to Military Concepts, Organizations and Operations
IPOL-301 International Politics Tutorial
IPOL-306 Honors Thesis Tutorial
IPOL-316 Public Diplomacy and National Security: The 21st Century Challenge
IPOL-320 Quantative Methods for International Politics
IPOL-325 Gettysburg: Strategy, Technology, Outcome
IPOL-334 Just War Theory in the 21st C.
IPOL-351 Handmaidens of Power: Law and National Security
IPOL-352 US Foreign Policy in Conflict States
IPOL-353 Gaming a Counter-ISIL Strategy
IPOL-354 International Negotiation Lab
IPOL-355 Europe & the Israel-Palestine Conflict since 1967
IPOL-357 Civil-Military Relations: U.S. Presidents and the General Officers Who Advise Them
IPOL-360 Intro to Strategic Thought
IPOL-364 Iran Foreign Policy since '41
IPOL-367 Strategic Use of Land Power
IPOL-370 Seminar in Civil Wars: Theory, Empirics and Cases
IPOL-372 The Theory and Application of Intelligence
IPOL-375 Radicalization and Terrorism
IPOL-377 War and State Building: The Challenge of Political Development in the Face of Violent Conflict
IPOL-378 War & Presidential Decision Making
IPOL-380 Human Rights in International Law and Policy: Foundations and Current Trends
IPOL-381 Politics and Foreign Policy of Iran (1979-2013)
IPOL-382 Global Jihadism
IPOL-386 US Foreign & Security Policy
IPOL-389 Political Extremism in Europe
IPOL-392 Nationalism in the Modern World
IPOL-395 U.S. Congress and Foreign Policy
IPOL-396 U.S. Influence and the Rise of Emerging Powers
IPOL-397 Foreign Policy Analysis
IPOL-398 The Process and Politics of U.S. National Security
IPOL-410 Foundations of Grand Strategy
IPOL-415 Postcolonialism and its Discontents
IPOL-420 Resistance, Rebellion & Revolution
IPOL-425 Indian Ocean: Circulation & Sovereignty
IPOL-430 Political Economy of the Gulf