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Academic year
The following Linguistics courses are listed for the 2010-2011 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
LING-001 Introduction to Language
LING-154 Linguistics and Reading
LING-214 Phonology
LING-215 Sounds of Language
LING-225 Syntax
LING-226 Morphology
LING-251 How Languages are Learned
LING-259 How to Teach Second/Foreign Languages
LING-273 Language and Mind
LING-282 Language and Medicine
LING-283 Language and Society
LING-333 Cross Cultural Communication
LING-343 Women, Men, and Language
LING-352 Foundations of Education
LING-353 Teaching English as a foreign language
LING-358 Preparation and Evaluation of Language Teaching Materials
LING-359 How To Teach a Second/Foreign Language
LING-362 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
LING-367 Computational Corpus Linguistics
LING-382 Language and Writing Systems
LING-398 Developmental Reading
LING-400 Senior Honors Thesis
LING-401 General Linguistics
LING-404 Field Methods
LING-405 Language and New Media
LING-410 Phonology and Phonetics I
LING-412 Language and Education
LING-420 Introduction to Statistical Natural Language Processing
LING-432 Ethnography of Poetry
LING-443 Sanskrit
LING-447 American Dialects
LING-449 Historical Linguistics
LING-454 Linguistics and Reading
LING-459 Supervised Teaching Practicum
LING-466 Machine Translation
LING-467 Information Extraction and Retrieval
LING-473 Language and Mind
LING-478 Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers
LING-484 Discourse Analysis: Conversation
LING-485 Cognitive and Functional Approaches to Language
LING-487 MLC Proseminar
LING-489 Pragmatics
LING-494 Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages
LING-495 Ethnography of Communication
LING-496 Intercultural Communication
LING-501 Linguistics Teaching Practicum
LING-502 Linguistics Teaching Practicum
LING-503 Discourse, Community and Place
LING-511 Phonetics and Phonology II
LING-512 Phonetics and Phonology III
LING-520 Morphology
LING-524 Humor: Perlocution and Social Control
LING-527 Generative Syntax I (Spanish 527)
LING-528 Generative Syntax II (Spanish 528)
LING-529 Generative Syntax III
LING-531 Semantics & Pragmatics
LING-532 Semantics and Pragmatics II
LING-536 Topics in Morphosyntax
LING-551 Language Acquisition
LING-553 Intro to SLA/Bilingualism
LING-560 Language Development and Study Abroad
LING-565 Theoretical and Computational Approaches to the Lexicon
LING-570 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
LING-571 Sociolinguistic Field Methods
LING-582 Sociolinguistic Variation
LING-703 Seminar: Discourse, Community and Place
LING-712 Seminar: Phonology & Phonetics
LING-724 Sem: Humor and Social Control
LING-733 Seminar in Semantics
LING-736 Seminar: Topics in Morphosyntax
LING-753 Seminar in Language Acquisition
LING-755 Sem: Qualitative Second Language Research
LING-760 Sem: Language Development and Study Abroad
LING-775 Seminar: Advanced Variation