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Academic year
The following Nursing courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
NURS-005 Prof. Nurs: Foundations for Practice
NURS-011 Health Assessment I
NURS-012 Health Assessment II
NURS-015 Fundamental Nursing Interventions
NURS-150 Health Assessment and Clinical Nursing Competencies
NURS-162 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
NURS-171 Mental Health Nursing
NURS-172 Health Care of Women
NURS-175 Intro to Nursing Research
NURS-177 Integration Seminar I
NURS-179 Core Concepts of Professional Nursing
NURS-181 Nursing Care of Adults with Physiological Alterations
NURS-182 Nursing Care of Children with Physiological Alterations
NURS-235 Case Analysis for Nursing Practice
NURS-236 Case Analysis for Nursing Practice
NURS-237 Case Analysis for Nursng Pract
NURS-241 Public Health Nursing
NURS-243 Complex Nursing Problems Across the Care Continuum
NURS-244 Complex Problems Across the Care Continuum II
NURS-248 Complex Problems Across the Care Continuum II
NURS-251 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations
NURS-252 Transitions to Professional Practice
NURS-253 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations
NURS-254 Ethics, Quality and Decision-making in Nursing
NURS-302 Nursing Tutorial
NURS-340 Honors Seminar I
NURS-341 Honors Seminar II
NURS-403 Interdisc Palliative Care
NURS-427 Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health in Primary Care
NURS-469 Anatomy for Health Care Professionals
NURS-501 Introduction to Reproductive Healthcare for Women
NURS-502 Primary Care of Women
NURS-506 Advanced Health Assessment
NURS-517 Gross Anatomy for Nurse Anesthesia
NURS-518 Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics
NURS-521 Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia
NURS-528 Advanced Health Assessment
NURS-529 Analytical Tools & Research Applications
NURS-530 Research Methods and Biostats for Healthcare Providers
NURS-538 Professional Aspects of Advanced Practice Nursing
NURS-540 Research Evidence and Best Practices in Health Care
NURS-542 Advanced Human Physiology
NURS-544 Advanced Concepts in Pharmacology
NURS-546 Advanced Concepts in Physiology and Pathophysiology
NURS-550 Advanced Pharmacology in Nurse Anesthesia
NURS-552 Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS-602 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice I
NURS-604 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice II
NURS-608 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice IV
NURS-610 Anesthesia Concepts
NURS-650 Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist III
NURS-670 Diagnostic Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making
NURS-672 Acute Care Nurse Practitioner I
NURS-676 Adult and Gerontology ACNP/CNS I
NURS-687 Primary Health Care of Family I
NURS-692 Best Practices in Teaching & Learning
NURS-710 Care of the Family in Crisis
NURS-720 Integrated Reproductive Health Care of Women
NURS-731 Seminars in Advanced Women's Health Care
NURS-752 Primary Health Care of the Family IV
NURS-855 NAP Clinical Practicum
NURS-903 Research Methodology
NURS-997 Scholarly Project
NURS-998 Thesis Option
NURS-999 Thesis Research--Nursing