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Academic year
The following Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
BCHB-102 The Human Body in Health and Disease
BCHB-501 Biochemical and Cellular Sciences
BCHB-503 Biochemistry Journal Club
BCHB-504 Biochemistry Journal Club
BCHB-506 Reading Scientific Papers
BCHB-507 Laboratory Applications of Biotechnology
BCHB-508 Laboratory Applications of Biotechnology
BCHB-511 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BCHB-513 Core Concepts of Biochemistry
BCHB-514 Introduction to Bioinformatics
BCHB-515 Introduction to Bioinformatics
BCHB-518 Applied industrial Sciences
BCHB-519 Medical Toxicology
BCHB-521 Bioinformatics
BCHB-522 Drug Targets and Drug Design
BCHB-524 Bioinformatics Computing
BCHB-525 Immunobiotechnology
BCHB-526 Core Methods of Biotechnology
BCHB-528 Modern Methods of Molecular Biology
BCHB-529 Biotechnology-Based Human Diagnostics
BCHB-531 DNA Repair to Human Therapy
BCHB-535 Programmed Cell Death
BCHB-536 Applications of Cell Culture in Biotechnology and Medicine
BCHB-537 Fermentation and Bioprocessing
BCHB-539 Basic Laboratory Safety
BCHB-540 Molecular Basis of Carcinogenesis
BCHB-541 Structural Biology
BCHB-544 Essentials of Biochemistry: Metabolism
BCHB-545 Essential of Programmed Cell Death
BCHB-546 Principles of Tissue Culture
BCHB-549 Basic Radiation Safety
BCHB-554 Research Ethics and Integrity
BCHB-561 Metabolism, Nutrition and Endocrinology
BCHB-565 Sexual Development and Reproduction
BCHB-569 Essential of Medical Toxicology
BCHB-570 Introduction to Biochemistry Internship
BCHB-571 Genomic Sequence Analysis
BCHB-572 Protein Sequence Bioinformatics
BCHB-575 Immunotechniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology
BCHB-580 Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
BCHB-581 Transcriptomics: Microarray Data Analysis
BCHB-582 Proteomics: Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis
BCHB-583 Systems Biology: Pathway and Network Data Analysis
BCHB-584 C++ Programming: Bioinformatics I
BCHB-585 C++ Programming: Bioinformatics II
BCHB-586 Molecular Biology for Bioinformatics
BCHB-587 Bioinformatics Internship: Proposal
BCHB-588 Bioinformatics Internship: Preparation
BCHB-589 Bioinformatics Seminar
BCHB-599 Practical Applications: Systems Biology
BCHB-601 Topics in Biochemistry
BCHB-607 Research Applications in Biotechnology
BCHB-608 Research Applications in Biotechnology
BCHB-697 Databases for Bioinformatics
BCHB-701 Seminars in Biochemical and Cellular Sciences
BCHB-707 Advanced Techniques: Biochemistry & Molecular Cell Biology
BCHB-710 Scientific Writing
BCHB-810 Career Dev & Leadership Training
BCHB-907 Bioinformatics Internship
BCHB-910 Biochemistry Internship
BCHB-993 Continuous Registration