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Academic year
The following Philosophy courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
PHIL-010 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL-020 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL-098 Philosophy of Sport
PHIL-099 Political and Social Thought
PHIL-100 Ethics: Bioethics & Animals
PHIL-102 Ethics: Bioethics Making People
PHIL-103 Ethics: Bioethics & the Law
PHIL-104 Ethics: Environmental Politics
PHIL-105 Ethics: Bioethics
PHIL-106 Autonomy & Health
PHIL-109 Pluralism & Conflict
PHIL-110 Ethics: Quality of Life
PHIL-113 Ethics: Just War Theory
PHIL-115 Ethics: Gender & Justice
PHIL-117 Ethics: Integrity & Commitment
PHIL-118 Ethics: Business Responsibility
PHIL-120 Ethics: International Law
PHIL-129 Ethics: Global Justice
PHIL-132 Ethics: Justice
PHIL-133 Ethics: The Untold War
PHIL-135 Moral and Political Equality
PHIL-138 Ethics: Global Warming
PHIL-139 Ethics: Technologies of the Self
PHIL-140 Ethics: Moral Foundations of Markets
PHIL-142 Ethics: Rights
PHIL-144 Ethics: Human Rights, Global Justice
PHIL-147 Ethics: Public Policy
PHIL-150 Introduction to Logic
PHIL-151 Intro to Logic
PHIL-153 Philosophy of Emotion
PHIL-154 Pluralism & Conflict
PHIL-155 Walking with Socrates
PHIL-156 Philosophy of Education (CBL)
PHIL-157 Happiness & Discontents
PHIL-158 Authority
PHIL-161 Contemporary Political Thought
PHIL-164 Democracy & Inequality
PHIL-165 Enquiry: Science and Philosophy
PHIL-166 Civic Engagement & Education (CBL)
PHIL-167 Political Philosophy
PHIL-171 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL-175 Philosophy of Law
PHIL-176 Philosophy of Music
PHIL-180 Philosophy and Star Trek
PHIL-181 Pragmatism
PHIL-184 Phenomenology
PHIL-186 Pursuing the Truth
PHIL-187 Pursuit of Happiness
PHIL-194 Hallucinating
PHIL-197 Sex, Science, Society
PHIL-232 Ethical Theory
PHIL-301 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-302 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-304 Honors Thesis Res Tutorial
PHIL-305 Honors Thesis Tutorial
PHIL-320 Text Seminar
PHIL-330 Foundation of Education (CBL)
PHIL-331 Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology
PHIL-375 Kant, Hegel, Marx: The philosophy of History
PHIL-376 Bioethics & Mental Illness
PHIL-378 Symbolic Logic
PHIL-382 Heidegger
PHIL-384 History of Ancient/Medieval Philosophy
PHIL-385 History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL-387 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL-392 Philosophy of Science
PHIL-398 Philosophy of Biology
PHIL-399 Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy
PHIL-400 Hegel/Psychoanalysis on Subjectivity
PHIL-406 Epistemology
PHIL-415 Philosophy of Language
PHIL-424 Topics in Philosophical Logic
PHIL-425 Philosophy of Law
PHIL-450 Metaphysics
PHIL-451 Kant's Aesthetics
PHIL-455 Aesthetics
PHIL-481 Medical Ethics
PHIL-484 Existentialism
PHIL-491 Philosophy of Mind/Cog Sci
PHIL-492 Foundations of Mathematics
PHIL-513 Emotions
PHIL-515 Quine and Davidson
PHIL-520 Logic/Language Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL-535 Distributive Justice
PHIL-545 Aristotle's Theory & Practice of Science
PHIL-552 Rousseau & Romanticism
PHIL-557 From Kant to Hegel
PHIL-576 Bioethics & Mental Illness
PHIL-595 The Frankfurt School
PHIL-624 Topics in Philosophical Logic
PHIL-666 Problem of Evil
PHIL-700 Hegel/Psychoanlsys on Sbjctvty
PHIL-738 Contemporary Issues: Fem Law & Philosophy
PHIL-743 Ethics Proseminar
PHIL-767 Metaphysics Proseminar
PHIL-826 First Year Seminar
PHIL-831 Third Year Seminar
PHIL-902 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-991 Contin Regis Philosophy
PHIL-992 Contin Regis Philosophy
PHIL-999 Pre-Thesis Research (Non-Res)