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Academic year
The following Philosophy courses are listed for the 2013-2014 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
PHIL-010 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL-020 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-099 Political and Social Thought
PHIL-103 Ethics: Bioethics/Beginning of Life/The Law
PHIL-105 Ethics: Bioethics
PHIL-106 Ethics: Autonomy and Health
PHIL-112 Ethics: Gender and Feminism
PHIL-113 Ethics: Just Wars
PHIL-115 Ethics: Oppression & Justice
PHIL-118 Ethics: Business Responsibility
PHIL-119 Ethics: Love and Sex
PHIL-121 Ethics: Liberty
PHIL-122 Ethics: Relationships
PHIL-123 Ethics and International Affairs
PHIL-124 Ethics: Environmental
PHIL-126 Ethics: God & Godlessness
PHIL-127 Ethics: Animal Rights Origins
PHIL-128 Ethics: Fundamentals of Market Society
PHIL-129 Ethics: Global Justice
PHIL-137 Ethics: Technological Challenges
PHIL-142 Ethics: Rights
PHIL-147 Ethics: Public Policy
PHIL-150 Beginning Logic
PHIL-151 Introduction to Logic
PHIL-156 Perception
PHIL-159 Existentialism
PHIL-160 Philosophical Reflection on the Christian Creeds
PHIL-161 Contemporary Political Thought
PHIL-163 Language and Power
PHIL-165 Philosophy/Science/Pseudoscience
PHIL-166 Disputes in Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL-168 Hellenistic Philosophy
PHIL-169 What Am I?
PHIL-170 Philosophy of Language
PHIL-172 Philosophy: East/West
PHIL-173 Sex and Death
PHIL-176 Philosophy of Music
PHIL-178 Pursuing the Truth
PHIL-180 Philosophy and Star Trek
PHIL-183 Philosophy and Free Expression
PHIL-189 Aesthetics
PHIL-191 Classical Chinese Philosophy
PHIL-193 Other (Kinds of) Minds
PHIL-194 Hallucinating
PHIL-199 Metaphysics
PHIL-232 Ethical Theory
PHIL-276 Dante and the Christian Imagination
PHIL-294 Bioethics: Theory and Practice
PHIL-301 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-320 Text Seminar
PHIL-362 20th Century German Philosophy
PHIL-368 19th Century German Philosophy
PHIL-374 20th Century European Philosophy
PHIL-377 Ethics and Economics
PHIL-378 Symbolic Logic
PHIL-379 Intermediate Logic
PHIL-384 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PHIL-385 History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL-387 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL-388 Just Wars in Theory and Practice
PHIL-389 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL-406 Epistemology
PHIL-435 Global Justice/The Environment
PHIL-482 Set Theory
PHIL-491 Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
PHIL-496 Ethics of Death and Dying
PHIL-505 Paradoxes and Legacy of J.S. Mill
PHIL-506 Aristotle and Virtue Ethics
PHIL-514 Phenomenology
PHIL-517 Hannah Arendt
PHIL-519 Human Nature
PHIL-524 Epistemology Proseminar
PHIL-525 Deontic Pluralism
PHIL-529 Later Heidegger
PHIL-610 Moral Damage/Moral Repair
PHIL-773 Information & Experimentation
PHIL-826 First Year Seminar
PHIL-991 Continuous Registration
PHIL-993 Continuous Registration
PHIL-999 Thesis Research Philosophy