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Academic year
The following Philosophy courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
PHIL-010 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL-020 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-098 Philosophy of Sport
PHIL-099 Political and Social Thought
PHIL-104 Bioethics: Law and the End of Life
PHIL-105 Bioethics
PHIL-108 Data Ethics
PHIL-111 Ethics: Privacy
PHIL-112 Gender and Feminism
PHIL-113 Just Wars
PHIL-122 Virtue Ethics
PHIL-124 Ethics and the Environment
PHIL-128 Intersectionality & Identity
PHIL-129 Ethics: Global Justice
PHIL-130 Philosophy and the Law
PHIL-131 Economic Justice
PHIL-133 Ethics and Markets
PHIL-138 Love, Sex and Friendship
PHIL-140 Crime and Punishment
PHIL-142 Eastern Perspectives on Ethics
PHIL-143 Morality and Psychology
PHIL-146 Ethics of Speech
PHIL-147 Ethics, Activism & Resistance
PHIL-148 Meta-Ethics
PHIL-150 Beginning Logic
PHIL-151 Introduction to Logic
PHIL-155 Philosophy of Film
PHIL-162 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL-163 Language and Power
PHIL-167 Political Philosophy
PHIL-170 Philosophy of Language
PHIL-171 Overcoming Injustice
PHIL-173 Philosophy of Education
PHIL-175 Philosophy of Race
PHIL-176 Philosophy of Music
PHIL-178 Philosophy of Science
PHIL-180 Philosophy and Star Trek
PHIL-182 Crisis and Change
PHIL-186 Jewish Philosophy
PHIL-187 Happiness & Discontents
PHIL-188 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL-191 Classical Chinese Philosophy
PHIL-192 Propaganda and Social Exclusion
PHIL-197 Introduction to Phenomenology
PHIL-211 Epistemology
PHIL-212 Metaphysics
PHIL-215 Philosophy of Science
PHIL-232 Ethical Theory
PHIL-233 Moral Psychology
PHIL-245 Philosophy of Law
PHIL-261 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL-280 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PHIL-282 History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL-301 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-302 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-304 Honors Thesis Res Tutorial
PHIL-305 Honors Thesis Tutorial
PHIL-320 Text Seminar
PHIL-350 Symbolic Logic
PHIL-351 Intermediate Logic
PHIL-382 Heidegger
PHIL-383 Hegel's Aesthetics
PHIL-391 Unconscious in 20th Century French Philosophy
PHIL-435 Global Justice/The Environment
PHIL-440 Bioethics & Mental Illness
PHIL-484 Existentialism
PHIL-491 Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
PHIL-500 Epistemology Proseminar
PHIL-503 Ethics Proseminar
PHIL-551 Intermediate Logic
PHIL-652 Hegel
PHIL-664 Aristotle II
PHIL-691 Unconscious in 20th Century French Philosophy
PHIL-705 Learning, Planning & Agency
PHIL-710 Pragmatics and Social Reality
PHIL-730 Kant
PHIL-738 Contemporary Issues: Fem Law & Philosophy
PHIL-759 Political Philosophy of the Body
PHIL-761 Philosophy of Rawls
PHIL-826 First Year Seminar
PHIL-831 Third Year Seminar
PHIL-901 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-902 Tutorial: Philosophy
PHIL-991 Contin Regis Philosophy
PHIL-992 Contin Regis Philosophy
PHIL-993 Continuous Registration
PHIL-999 Pre-Thesis Research (Non-Res)