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Academic year
The following Physics courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
PHYS-010 The Way Things Work
PHYS-012 Hands on Physics
PHYS-013 The Science of Sound and Music
PHYS-015 Modern Astronomy
PHYS-101 Principles of Physics I
PHYS-102 Principles of Physics II
PHYS-151 Mechanics
PHYS-152 Electromagnetic Phenomena
PHYS-153 Relativity and Quantum Physics
PHYS-154 Modern Experimental Physics
PHYS-155 Mathematical & Computational Methods
PHYS-160 Introduction to Physics Research
PHYS-202 Shaping National Science Policy
PHYS-203 Science & Society: Grand Challenges
PHYS-204 Science Pedagogy: Principles and Practice
PHYS-235 Dynamical Processes in Biological Physics
PHYS-242 Solid State Technology and Microelectronics
PHYS-245 Sensors and Digital Electronics
PHYS-251 Intermediate Mechanics
PHYS-252 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS-253 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS-254 Statistical Physics
PHYS-260 Special Topics in Physics
PHYS-301 Independent Research in Physics 1
PHYS-302 Independent Research in Physics 2
PHYS-303 Independent Research in Physics 3
PHYS-304 Independent Research in Physics 4
PHYS-311 Independent Research in Biological Physics 1
PHYS-312 Independent Research in Biological Physics 2
PHYS-441 Soft Condensed Matter
PHYS-442 Computational Physics
PHYS-443 Electrodynamics and Optics
PHYS-444 Solid State I
PHYS-501 Physics Colloquium
PHYS-502 Physics Colloquium
PHYS-505 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS-506 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS-507 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS-508 Computational Physics
PHYS-509 Electricity & Magnetism
PHYS-510 Solid State Physics I
PHYS-513 Electrodynamics & Optics
PHYS-515 Solid State Physics II
PHYS-517 Sensors & Digital Electronics
PHYS-519 Soft Condensed Matter
PHYS-524 Entrepreneurship in Physics
PHYS-535 Physics Laboratory Rotation
PHYS-536 Physics Laboratory Rotation
PHYS-537 Physics Laboratory Rotation
PHYS-538 Physics Laboratory Rotation
PHYS-551 Science & Society: Global Challenges