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Academic year
The following Biology courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
BIOL-013 An Issues Approach to Biology
BIOL-017 Plants, People, and Climate
BIOL-019 Introduction to Marine Biology
BIOL-101 First-Year Seminar in Biology
BIOL-103 Foundations in Biology I
BIOL-104 Foundations in Biology II
BIOL-113 Foundations in Biology I Laboratory
BIOL-114 Foundations in Biology II Laboratory
BIOL-151 Biological Chemistry
BIOL-152 Genetics
BIOL-175 Mammalian Physiology
BIOL-180 Ecology
BIOL-185 Evolutionary Processes
BIOL-191 Biology Gateway
BIOL-194 Biology of Global Health
BIOL-195 Neurobiology
BIOL-203 Seminar: Inquiry into the Foundations of Biology
BIOL-230 Science Pedagogy: Principles and Practice
BIOL-261 Science & Society: Global Challenges
BIOL-262 Shaping National Science Policy
BIOL-267 Global Health History
BIOL-300 Research Tutorial
BIOL-304 Research Tutorial II
BIOL-320 Forest Ecology
BIOL-340 Research Tutorial
BIOL-341 Research Intensive Senior Experience
BIOL-342 Research Intensive Senior Experience
BIOL-354 Synaptic Transmission
BIOL-358 Immunobiology
BIOL-359 Dynamic Processes in Biological Physics
BIOL-363 Cell Biology
BIOL-364 Microbiology: The Microbial World
BIOL-365 Conservation Biology
BIOL-366 Marine Biology
BIOL-367 Population Genetics
BIOL-368 Global Climate Change
BIOL-369 Cell Biology of Cancer
BIOL-370 Neurodisorders
BIOL-371 Introduction to Virology and Viral Diseases
BIOL-373 Developmental Biology
BIOL-374 Genome Instability and Human Disease
BIOL-376 Developmental Neurobiology
BIOL-377 Endocrinology
BIOL-379 Bioinformatics
BIOL-380 Sensory Systems
BIOL-384 Epidemiology and Public Health
BIOL-386 Ecological Analysis
BIOL-387 Genetic Conflict
BIOL-390 Molecular Biology
BIOL-394 Genetics & Disability: Arts & Media
BIOL-395 Biology of Sex
BIOL-401 Senior Seminar in Biology
BIOL-422 Modeling: Biological Populations
BIOL-426 Architecture and Dynamics of the Nucleus
BIOL-428 Advanced Ecological Analysis
BIOL-505 Graduate Survival Skills
BIOL-508 Integrated Biology
BIOL-514 EEB Journal Club for Credit
BIOL-515 EEB Journal Club
BIOL-516 MCB Journal Club for Credit
BIOL-522 Modeling: Biological Populations
BIOL-561 Science:Society/Global Challenge
BIOL-562 Shaping National Science Policy
BIOL-701 Department Activities
BIOL-703 Department Seminar Series
BIOL-991 Grad Contin Regis Biology
BIOL-992 Continuing Registration
BIOL-999 Graduate Biology Thesis Research