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Academic year
The following Sociology courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
SOCI-001 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI-109 Sociology of Health and Illness
SOCI-111 Flourishing in College and Community
SOCI-125 Death and Dying
SOCI-126 Sociology and Culture: Beyoncé
SOCI-128 Sociology and Culture: Kendrick Lamar
SOCI-130 International Demography
SOCI-131 Population Dynamics
SOCI-132 Immigrants and New Societies
SOCI-141 Social Innovation
SOCI-148 Barack Obama and Race
SOCI-154 Sociology of the One Percent
SOCI-155 Social Movements
SOCI-158 Political Sociology
SOCI-160 Sociology of Sexuality
SOCI-161 Sociology of Gender
SOCI-162 Education Policy
SOCI-163 Education and Society
SOCI-164 Japanese Society
SOCI-168 Social Entrepreneurship
SOCI-171 Culture and Consumption
SOCI-173 Food, Farms, & Society
SOCI-174 Food, Culture, and Politics
SOCI-178 Capitalism: Culture, Markets, Power
SOCI-192 Law and Society
SOCI-196 Comparative Law Enforcement
SOCI-197 Transnational Crime
SOCI-201 Methods of Social Research
SOCI-202 Sociological Theory
SOCI-203 Statistics for Social Research
SOCI-209 The City/Urban Studies
SOCI-220 Global Development and Social Justice
SOCI-222 Gentrification, Justice, and the Future of Cities
SOCI-227 Economy and Society in East Asia
SOCI-240 Engaging Different Race Ethnicity
SOCI-249 Family and Gender in Japan
SOCI-261 Seminar in Transgender Issues
SOCI-274 Environmental and Food Justice Movements
SOCI-302 Sociology Tutorial: Research
SOCI-304 Sociology Senior Seminar
SOCI-411 Jesuits and Globalization
SOCI-596 Comparative Law Enforcement Systems
SOCI-597 Transnational Crime