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Academic year
The following Spanish courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
SPAN-001 Beginning Spanish
SPAN-003 Introductory Spanish I
SPAN-004 Introductory Spanish II
SPAN-007 Introduction to Catalan
SPAN-011 Intensive Basic Spanish
SPAN-021 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-022 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN-032 Intensive Intermediate Spanish
SPAN-042 Intermediate Catalan
SPAN-101 Advanced Spanish I: Spain in Context
SPAN-102 Advanced Spanish II: Latin America in Context
SPAN-103 Advanced Spanish I
SPAN-104 Advanced Spanish II
SPAN-111 Intensive Advanced Spanish I
SPAN-112 Intensive Advanced Spanish II
SPAN-151 Spanish Review
SPAN-161 Oral Review: Contemporary Hispanic Cultures (SFS Students Only)
SPAN-200 Gateway
SPAN-210 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN-230 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN-237 Cultural History of Spanish Painting
SPAN-241 Survey of Spanish Literature I
SPAN-242 Survey of Spanish Literature II
SPAN-246 Sym: Catalan Culture/Society
SPAN-261 Survey of Spanish American Literature I
SPAN-262 Survey of Spanish American Literature II
SPAN-265 Intro. to Anthropology (in Spanish)
SPAN-266 Latin American Literature: Contemporary Short Story
SPAN-267 Literature and Society in Latin America
SPAN-268 Culture and Civilization in Latin American Cinema
SPAN-273 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
SPAN-296 Caribbean Culture
SPAN-297 Sex and Sexuality in Contemporary Spanish Literature and Film
SPAN-312 Morphology:Latin to Mod Span
SPAN-313 Bilingualism: The Mind and Its Context
SPAN-330 Spanish Phonetics
SPAN-336 Modern Spain
SPAN-339 Religion/Pol/Ethics in Spain
SPAN-341 Hispanic Cinema
SPAN-350 Contemporary Spanish Women Writers
SPAN-391 Lit & Culture: Mex Border
SPAN-392 Sem: Teaching Spanish
SPAN-395 Modernity in 20th C. Poetry: Octavio Paz
SPAN-397 Literature and Human Rights
SPAN-400 Senior Honors Thesis
SPAN-406 Introduction to Critical Theory
SPAN-426 Spanish Dialectology
SPAN-427 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN-445 Sem: On Heroism- Literary/Cultural Evolution
SPAN-446 Hispanic Theater: Cervantes
SPAN-456 Brazilian Lit. in Spanish
SPAN-464 Don Quixote
SPAN-491 Ethnography: Colombian Conflict
SPAN-492 Asian and African Literature in Spanish
SPAN-493 Framed: Stories that Move in Chains
SPAN-495 Colonial & Post-Colonial Readings
SPAN-497 Sounds of the City
SPAN-499 Lit & Visual Cult in Latin America
SPAN-500 Spanish Teaching Methodology
SPAN-509 Instructed Second Language Acquisition
SPAN-527 Generative Syntax I (Linguistics 427)
SPAN-528 Generative Syntax II (Linguistics 528)
SPAN-530 Anthropology and Social Engagement
SPAN-531 Semantics & Pragmatics
SPAN-532 Semantics & Pragmatics II (Linguistics 532)
SPAN-536 The Ethnography of Modernity in Latin America
SPAN-726 Bilingualism & Cognition
SPAN-727 Seminar: Statistical Methods in SLA Research
SPAN-999 Thesis Research--Spanish