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Academic year
The following Spanish courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
SPAN-001 Beginning Spanish
SPAN-003 Introductory Spanish I
SPAN-004 Introductory Spanish II
SPAN-007 Introduction to Catalan
SPAN-009 Spanish for French Speakers
SPAN-011 Intensive Basic Spanish
SPAN-021 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-022 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN-032 Intensive Intermediate Spanish
SPAN-035 Intermediate Spanish for Health Sciences
SPAN-101 Advanced Spanish: Transatlantic Visions 1
SPAN-102 Advanced Spanish: Transatlantic Visions 2
SPAN-103 Advanced Spanish I
SPAN-104 Advanced Spanish II
SPAN-110 Intensive Advanced Spanish: Transatlantic Visions 1&2
SPAN-161 Oral Review: Contemporary Hispanic Cultures (SFS Students Only)
SPAN-200 Gateway
SPAN-202 Spanish for Health Sciences
SPAN-203 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN-209 Advanced Spanish for Business
SPAN-210 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN-237 Cultural History of Spanish Painting
SPAN-241 Spain: Literature and Culture I
SPAN-242 Spain: Literature and Culture II
SPAN-246 Sym: Catalan Culture/Society (in English)
SPAN-261 Latin America: Literature and Culture I
SPAN-262 Latin America: Literature and Culture II
SPAN-267 Literature and Society in Latin America
SPAN-268 Culture and Civilization in Latin American Cinema
SPAN-290 Lit, Film, Music of Mexico/ Mexican-American
SPAN-299 Living & Learning in Spanish
SPAN-313 Bilingualism: The Mind and Its Context
SPAN-330 Spanish Phonetics
SPAN-333 Luso-Brazilian Cinema: Spanish
SPAN-336 Modern Spain
SPAN-340 Creative Writing
SPAN-341 Hispanic Cinema
SPAN-350 Contemporary Spanish Women Writers
SPAN-380 Central American Literature, Film & Music
SPAN-381 US Latino Literature
SPAN-384 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
SPAN-389 Advanced Spanish for Business II
SPAN-392 Sem: Teaching Spanish
SPAN-395 Translation As A Way Out
SPAN-396 Spanish Sociolinguistics
SPAN-400 Senior Honors Thesis
SPAN-406 Introduction to Critical Theory
SPAN-412 Structure of the Spanish Language
SPAN-421 Brazilian Cinema (in Spanish)
SPAN-427 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN-431 Semantics & Pragmatics
SPAN-436 Colonial/Post Col Visions
SPAN-446 Early Modern Spanish Theater
SPAN-494 Senior Capstone
SPAN-495 Problems of Democracy in Contemporary Spain (and abroad)
SPAN-496 Adaptation
SPAN-500 Spanish Methodology
SPAN-509 Instructed Second Language Acquisition
SPAN-511 Spanish Phonology I
SPAN-512 Spanish Phonology II
SPAN-527 Generative Syntax I (Linguistics 427)
SPAN-528 Generative Syntax II (Linguistics 528)
SPAN-999 Thesis Research--Spanish