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Academic year
The following Theology courses are listed for the 2012-2013 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
THEO-001 The Problem of God
THEO-011 Introduction to Biblical Literature
THEO-017 Jesus in Paul's Writings
THEO-018 The First Christians & Christianity Today
THEO-022 Introduction to Catholic Theology
THEO-023 Christian Initiation
THEO-031 Folk Religions of Latin America
THEO-033 Newman: The Catholic Way
THEO-039 Christian Ethics & Ecology
THEO-041 Struggle and Transcendence
THEO-043 The Church in the 21st Century
THEO-045 Theology and Literature
THEO-048 Theology After Freud
THEO-050 Islamic Religious Thought and Practice
THEO-052 Human Images in World Religion
THEO-056 Tibetan Buddhism
THEO-057 The Hindu Religious Tradition
THEO-059 The Philosophies of India
THEO-061 Judaism in America
THEO-062 Judaism: Ancient Tradition and Contemporary Practice
THEO-068 Great Books of Islam
THEO-070 Theologies of Social Justice
THEO-072 Religion/Ethics/International Relations
THEO-076 Religious Ethics and Moral Issues
THEO-083 The Feminine in Religion
THEO-084 Theology and Sexuality
THEO-088 Political Theology
THEO-089 The Problem of Evil
THEO-091 Jesus Christ in a Pluralist Age
THEO-093 Gods of Abraham: Jew/Xtn/Muslim
THEO-096 The Latino Church Doing Justice
THEO-097 Feminist Theology
THEO-099 Religion in American Political Life
THEO-100 Introduction to Christian Ethics
THEO-102 Pilgrimage, Travel, and Tourism
THEO-107 Religion and Science
THEO-108 God in the Brain
THEO-111 The God of Jesus Christ
THEO-115 Rel/Ethics: Early Chinese Thght
THEO-117 Islam in South Asia
THEO-121 Catholic Ritual, Spirituality, and Justice
THEO-122 The Church and the Poor
THEO-125 Islam and Human Rights
THEO-128 Christianity: Only True Religion?
THEO-129 The Jesuits: History and Spirituality
THEO-132 Salafism
THEO-134 Jews/Judaism in World of Islam
THEO-136 Medieval Women Mystics
THEO-139 Introduction to Chinese Religious Thought
THEO-142 The Apocalyptic Imagination in Christianity and Islam
THEO-149 Theological Implications of the Holocaust
THEO-151 Untouchables in South Asia
THEO-154 Religion in American History
THEO-157 Religion and Violence
THEO-163 Portraits of Paul in the New Testament
THEO-167 Introduction to Buddhism
THEO-174 Eros/Caritas:Catholic Theology of Love
THEO-175 Religion, Politics, and Society
THEO-177 Rel & Science: Hist/Theo Persp.
THEO-181 Existentialism and Religion
THEO-189 Magic and Religion in the Greco-Roman World: The Beginnings of Judaism and Christianity
THEO-233 Sex & Politics: Jesuit Ethics
THEO-244 Orishas
THEO-245 The Poetry of the Bible
THEO-257 Hebrew Scriptures Sem: Torah
THEO-272 Systematic Theology
THEO-273 Approaches to Religion
THEO-281 History of Christian Thought I
THEO-282 History of Christian Thought II
THEO-283 Faith, Social Justice, and Public Life
THEO-297 Senior Seminar: Religious Pluralism
THEO-301 Tutorial: Theology
THEO-302 Tutorial: Theology
THEO-310 Senior Honors Thesis: Theology
THEO-349 Senior Thesis: Theology
THEO-355 Political Theology: The Case of Islam
THEO-361 Buddhism & Christianity in the Secular World
THEO-362 Nirvana and Beyond
THEO-501 Foundations in Pluralism: Religious Studies Perspectives
THEO-702 Jews & Xtians in Roman World
THEO-703 Qur'An & Its Readers
THEO-901 Theology Tutorial
THEO-991 Continuous Reg/Masters
THEO-992 Continuous Registration
THEO-999 Thesis Res Theo & Rel Stud