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Academic year
The following Theology courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
THEO-001 The Problem of God
THEO-011 Introduction to Biblical Literature
THEO-015 Religion and Film
THEO-017 Jesus in Paul’s Writings
THEO-019 Bible and Social Justice
THEO-020 In Theory and Practice
THEO-021 Women in Christianity
THEO-022 Introduction to Catholic Theology
THEO-023 Christian Initiation
THEO-031 Folk Religions of Latin America
THEO-041 Struggle and Transcendence
THEO-044 World Religions Today
THEO-048 Theology After Freud
THEO-050 Islamic Religious Thought and Practice
THEO-051 Modern Hinduism
THEO-057 The Hindu Religious Tradition
THEO-058 Who Can Be Saved?
THEO-065 The Comic in Religious Traditions
THEO-069 Jewish Sages and Sinners
THEO-070 Theologies of Social Justice
THEO-071 The State and the Veil: Analyzing Veiling Politics in Turkey, Algeria, And France
THEO-075 Death & Afterlife
THEO-076 Religious Ethics and Moral Issues
THEO-077 Christian Mysticism
THEO-084 Theology and Sexuality
THEO-085 Pope Francis, Catholic Social Thought and Public Life: Principles, Policies and Politics
THEO-096 The Latino Church Doing Justice
THEO-100 Introduction to Christian Ethics
THEO-106 Christians in Islamic Society
THEO-107 Religion and Science
THEO-108 God in the Brain
THEO-110 Martyrdom and Meaning
THEO-111 Fundamentalism in Christianity and Islam
THEO-114 Reform in Contemporary Islamic Thought
THEO-120 Icons and Idols: Religion, Art, and Iconoclasm in the West
THEO-121 Catholic Ritual, Spirituality, and Justice
THEO-122 The Church and the Poor
THEO-129 The Jesuits: History and Spirituality
THEO-133 Religion and Cults in America
THEO-134 Jews/Judaism in World of Islam
THEO-136 Medieval Women Mystics
THEO-139 Chinese Religions
THEO-143 Buddhist Ethics and Social Action
THEO-144 Islamic Mystical Tradition: Sufism
THEO-145 Islam, Culture, and Bioethics
THEO-150 Jews and Modernity
THEO-152 Heaven
THEO-154 Religion Without God
THEO-155 Adam and Eve
THEO-163 Portraits of Paul in the New Testament
THEO-167 Introduction to Buddhism
THEO-168 The Bible as Literature
THEO-171 Liberation Theology in the USA
THEO-174 Eros/Caritas:Catholic Theology of Love
THEO-181 Existentialism and Religion
THEO-206 Religion and Morality in the American Pragmatist Tradition
THEO-259 Hebrew Scriptures Seminar: Writings
THEO-272 Systematic Theology
THEO-273 Approaches to Religion
THEO-281 History of Christian Thought I
THEO-282 History of Christian Thought II
THEO-297 Senior Seminar: Religious Pluralism
THEO-301 Tutorial: Theology
THEO-302 Tutorial: Theology
THEO-310 Senior Honors Thesis: Theology
THEO-349 Senior Thesis: Theology
THEO-371 Christian Theology in Conversation with Islam
THEO-375 Jesuits & Globalization
THEO-501 Foundations in Pluralism: Religious Studies Perspectives
THEO-507 Modern Christianity
THEO-720 Daoism
THEO-901 Theology Tutorial
THEO-991 Continuous Reg/Masters
THEO-992 Continuous Registration
THEO-999 Thesis Res Theo & Rel Stud