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Academic year
The following Health Systems Administration courses are listed for the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
HESY-010 Health Care in America: The Fractured System
HESY-160 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
HESY-170 Health Care Systems Economics
HESY-176 The Health Care Delivery System
HESY-180 Health Services Research for Evidence-based Practice and Policy
HESY-184 Epidemiological Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Health Care Management Policy
HESY-187 Delivering Care Across the Continuum
HESY-191 Health Care Managerial Ethics
HESY-201 Politics of Health Care
HESY-204 Organizational Theory and Behavior
HESY-205 Legal Environment of Health Care
HESY-210 Health Information Systems
HESY-271 Strategic Planning & Marketing
HESY-311 Honors Research I
HESY-312 Honors Research II
HESY-324 Management Systems: Health Care Organizations
HESY-355 Health In a Free Society
HESY-368 Budgeting and Fiscal Management in Health Care
HESY-376 Health Quality Internship
HESY-377 Health Policy Seminar and Internship
HESY-450 Governance in Non-Profit Organizations: Building Your Career in Mission-Based Work
HESY-460 Health Care Management Consulting
HESY-472 Analytical Tools for Health Policy Evaluation
HESY-484 Paying for Health Care: Principles and Innovations
HESY-594 Global Health and Law: An Intensive, Problem-Based Exploration
HESY-629 Organizational Leadership
HESY-634 Operations Management
HESY-639 Financial Management I
HESY-640 Human Capital Management
HESY-648 Financial Management II
HESY-652 Quantitative Methods for a Learning Health System
HESY-657 Planning & Marketing
HESY-659 Strategic Management
HESY-660 Health Care Economics
HESY-666 Reimbursement Policy & Implications for Medical Care
HESY-667 Disruptive Innovations in Health Care
HESY-678 Managerial Ethics & Law
HESY-710 Integrative Seminar I
HESY-711 Integrative Seminar II