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Academic year
The following Security Studies courses are listed for the 2007-2008 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
SEST-500 Theory and Practice of Security
SEST-510 Core Course: U.S. National Security Policy
SEST-511 Bureaucratic Politics and U.S. National Security
SEST-512 Congress and U.S. National Security Policy
SEST-513 U.S. Homeland Security
SEST-514 Rogues, Pariahs, and Outlaw States
SEST-515 Net Assessment and Strategic Planning
SEST-516 Planning U.S. Military Forces
SEST-518 The U.S., Limited War, and Low Intensity Conflict
SEST-520 Counterinsurgency
SEST-521 Theory and Practice of Intelligence
SEST-522 Intelligence and Policymaking
SEST-524 Intelligence Analysis
SEST-526 Intro to Modern Conven Military Ops
SEST-530 Core Course in International Security
SEST-532 Comparative Intelligence Policies
SEST-534 Globalization and Security
SEST-536 Peacekeeping and Peace Operations
SEST-537 Ethnic Conflict and Civil War
SEST-538 Military Analysis
SEST-540 Al Qaeda and the Global Jihad
SEST-541 Evolution of Strategic Thought
SEST-542 Stability Operations
SEST-543 Crisis Decision-Making and Simulation
SEST-544 Resolution of Armed Conflicts
SEST-546 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
SEST-548 Weapons Proliferation and Security
SEST-549 Use of Force in the Modern World
SEST-550 Core in Technology and Security
SEST-551 Science, Technology, and Homeland Security
SEST-555 Unconventional Weapons Technology
SEST-556 Health and Security
SEST-557 The Technology of Nonproliferation and Arms Control
SEST-558 Technology and Intelligence
SEST-560 Conventional Weapons Technology
SEST-561 Nuclear Technologies and Security
SEST-562 Emerging Technologies and Security
SEST-564 Nuclear Weapons Programs
SEST-566 Biotechnology and Security
SEST-570 Security Problems in Africa
SEST-571 Security Issues in East Asia
SEST-572 Security Problems in Southeast Asia
SEST-578 Security Problems in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf
SEST-582 Politics of European Security
SEST-587 Security Issues in Latin America
SEST-590 Economics of Sub-State Violence
SEST-592 International Arms Trade
SEST-593 National Security and the International Financial System
SEST-594 Energy and Security
SEST-596 U.S. Defense Budgeting and Strategic Planning
SEST-597 Economic Instruments of National Security Policy
SEST-599 Illicit Economies & Security
SEST-611 Covert/Clandestine Operations
SEST-616 The Iraq War as International Relations
SEST-618 Defense Challenges in the XXIth Century
SEST-619 Human Intelligence Ops
SEST-620 Key Problems in Intelligence Policy
SEST-630 History of Military Operations
SEST-631 International Law and International Security
SEST-633 The Security of China
SEST-710 Research Seminar in U.S. National Security Policy
SEST-730 Research Seminar in International Security
SEST-750 Research Seminar in Technology and Security
Cross listed courses
INAF-546 Terrorism and Counterrrorism
INAF-612 Civil Military Relations
REES-484 The South Caucasus: Security, Conflict and Political Change
REES-560 Security Issues in Central Asia
REES-562 Afghanistan: Politics, Geopolitics and Security