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Academic year
The following Security Studies courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Course code Title
SEST-500 Theory and Practice of Security
SEST-501 Grand Strategy and Military Operations
SEST-509 National Security Planning, Strategy and Decision-Making for the 21st Century
SEST-510 Core Course: U.S. National Security Policy
SEST-515 Net Assessment and Strategic Planning
SEST-518 The United States, Conventional War, and Irregular Conflict
SEST-520 Counterinsurgency
SEST-521 Theory and Practice of Intelligence
SEST-524 Intelligence Analysis, Policy and Politics
SEST-526 Advanced Conventional Military Operations
SEST-530 Core Course in International Security
SEST-532 Comparative Intelligence Services
SEST-534 Globalization and Security
SEST-537 Ethnic Conflict and Civil War
SEST-538 Military Analysis
SEST-542 Stability Operations
SEST-543 Crisis Decision-Making and Simulation
SEST-545 Human Security and the Responsibility to Protect
SEST-546 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
SEST-547 Terrorist Radicalization/Recruitment
SEST-548 Weapons Proliferation and Security
SEST-550 Technology and Security
SEST-551 The Role of Technology in National Security
SEST-557 The Technology of Nonproliferation and Arms Control
SEST-559 Missile Technology and Missile Defense
SEST-562 Emerging Technologies and Security
SEST-566 Biotechnology and Security
SEST-569 Cyberwar
SEST-571 Security Issues in East Asia
SEST-573 Security Problems in South Asia
SEST-577 Security Issues in North Africa
SEST-578 Security Issues in the Middle East
SEST-579 Warfare in the Middle East
SEST-580 Stability Challenges in S & SE Asia
SEST-582 Politics of European Security
SEST-583 China & Its Military
SEST-587 Security Issues in Latin America
SEST-590 Economics of Sub-State Violence
SEST-594 Energy and Security
SEST-596 U.S. Defense Budgeting and Strategic Planning
SEST-602 Violent Non-State Actors in World Politics
SEST-606 The Law of War in the Age of Terror
SEST-611 Covert Action/ Counter Intel
SEST-619 Human Intelligence Ops
SEST-629 Force Planning
SEST-643 The Business of National Security
SEST-644 Economics of War
SEST-645 Power Politics in the Greater Middle East
SEST-649 Hands-On Unconventional Technologies
SEST-652 Iran’s National Security Policies
SEST-654 Disruptive Analytics: Theory, Method, & Technology
SEST-666 Risk and Innovation at the Intersection of Financial Markets, Commercial Enterprise, and International Security
SEST-671 National Security Critical Issue Task Force
SEST-672 National Cyber Security Strategy and Policy
SEST-676 Ethics of War
SEST-677 Russian National Security Policy
SEST-678 Global Dynamics of Energy Security
SEST-679 The American Way of Spying: Evolution and Practice of US Counterintelligence
SEST-681 Legal Issues for Intelligence Officers and Policymakers
SEST-685 U.S. Foreign Policy In the Middle East Since 2003
SEST-687 Supplying War
SEST-692 Development and National Security
SEST-693 Domestic Terrorism
SEST-694 Cyber Conflict and Policy Dilemmas
SEST-695 Readiness: Strategic Choices and Emerging Threats
SEST-696 Maritime Conflict in Asia
SEST-699 America, the Middle East, and Grand Strategy in the post-9/11 Era
SEST-701 Hacking for Defense
SEST-702 History of Al-Qa’ida and ISIS
SEST-703 Women, Peace, and Security
SEST-704 Intelligence Analytics
SEST-705 Working on the Hill & National Security
SEST-706 International Communications: Building and Destroying Networks for National Security
SEST-709 Cybersecurity Strategy
SEST-710 Research Seminar
SEST-712 Nuclear Weapons Technology
SEST-713 Robotics and Future War
SEST-714 Intelligence in the Cyber Domain
SEST-715 Turkey and the Levant
SEST-716 Foreign Intelligence Communities
SEST-717 Operating in the Grey: Ethics in Intelligence
SEST-718 Intelligence and War
SEST-719 Global Power: The Influence of Multinational Corporations
SEST-720 Combating the Finance of Transnational Threats
SEST-905 SSP Internship Tutorial