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Academic year
The following Mathematics courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Code Title
MATH-215 Abstract Algebra
MATH-511 Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Computing
MATH-310 Analysis I
MATH-242 Applied Linear Algebra with Graph Theory
MATH-426 Applied Longitudinal Analysis
MATH-652 Applied Multivariate Analysis
MATH-240 Applied Statistical Methods
MATH-340 Applied Statistical Methods II
MATH-345 Applied Time Series Analysis
MATH-640 Bayesian Statistics
MATH-325 Biostatistical Methods
MATH-035 Calculus I
MATH-036 Calculus II
MATH-029 Calculus with Review
MATH-221 Combinatorics
MATH-316 Complex Analysis
MATH-656 Data Mining
MATH-225 Data Visualization & Graphics
MATH-502 Deterministic Mathematical Models
MATH-606 Game Theory
MATH-220 Graph Theory
MATH-901 Independent Study
MATH-217 Introduction to Algebraic Curves
MATH-211 Introduction to Cryptography
MATH-605 Introduction to Financial Mathematics
MATH-007 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MATH-140 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MATH-615 Introduction to Operations Research
MATH-200 Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving
MATH-110 Introduction to Scientific Programming
MATH-642 Introduction to Statistical Learning
MATH-150 Linear Algebra
MATH-510 Mathematical and Statistical Computing
MATH-262 Mathematical Biology
MATH-503 Mathematical Statistics
MATH-004 Mathematics in Society
MATH-442 Mathematics of Social Networks
MATH-137 Multivariable Calculus
MATH-504 Numerical Methods
MATH-201 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH-040 Probability and Statistics
MATH-501 Probability Theory and Applications
MATH-651 Regression Methods and Generalized Linear Models
MATH-261 Scientific Computing
MATH-603 Signal Processing
MATH-611 Stochastic Simulation
MATH-645 Time Series Analysis
MATH-301 Tutorials
MATH-205 Vector Analysis