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Academic year
The following Science, Technology, and International Affairs courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Code Title
STIA-442 Sr Sem: Big Data & Politics
STIA-395 Biotechnology and Security
STIA-402 Clean Energy Innovation
STIA-393 Crises, Communication & STIA
STIA-420 Cybersecurity Conflict and Policy: Governing the Digital Fights for the Future
STIA-391 Cybersecurity: Policy, Technology, and Operations
STIA-352 Dev: Theory to Practice
STIA-331 Disruptive Technologies
STIA-343 Emerging Tech & Security
STIA-419 Energy & Environ in Eurasia
STIA-318 Energy and Int'l Sec.
STIA-382 Energy Finance, Policy & Markets
STIA-367 Environ Law, Tech, & Justice
STIA-355 Environment and Migration
STIA-228 Environmental Geoscience Lab
STIA-397 Environmental Sustainability and Business Strategy
STIA-441 Geographic Info Systems
STIA-356 Global Health and Humanitarism
STIA-363 Global Health and the Sustainable Development Goals
STIA-394 Global Health Diplomacy
STIA-341 Global Health Politics & Policy
STIA-372 Global Heath Ethics
STIA-475 Information Technology and International Security
STIA-368 Innovation, Development, and Complexity
STIA-371 Ocean Law, Sustainable Development and Global Security
STIA-370 Oceans
STIA-382 Problems in Energy Security
STIA-454 Remote Sensing
STIA-305 Science & Technology in the Global Arena
STIA-429 Science in Nazi Germany
STIA-375 Science Innov & Entrepreneurs
STIA-410 Senior Seminar: Honors Research Seminar
STIA-345 Social Innovation @ Scale
STIA-406 Space Security + Exploration
STIA-351 Spaceflight and Society: Exploring the History of the Final Frontier
STIA-459 Sr. Sem: People/Plagues/Technology
STIA-499 STIA Thesis Supervision
STIA-458 Surveillance, Governance and Information Technology
STIA-456 Technology & International Development
STIA-354 War, Trauma, and Recovery