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Academic year
The following Tumor Biology courses are listed for the 2017-2018 Fall and Spring academic year.
Code Title
TBIO-560 Animal Models of Cancer
TBIO-510 Biochemistry for Cancer Research
TBIO-540 Biomedical Informatics
TBIO-523 Cancer Epigenetics
TBIO-525 Cancer Genetics
TBIO-536 Cancer Pharmacology I & II
TBIO-520 Cancer Prevention, Control, & Epidemiology
TBIO-705 Cancer Research Techniques
TBIO-706 Cancer Research Techniques
TBIO-508 Cellular and Molecular Aspects of the Transformed Cell
TBIO-565 Clinical & Translational Oncology - Breast Cancer
TBIO-566 Clinical & Translational Oncology - Melanoma
TBIO-567 Clinical & Translational Oncology - Neural Tumors
TBIO-513 Clinical Conference on Breast Cancer
TBIO-543 Clinical Survey of Human Cancer
TBIO-991 Continuous Registration
TBIO-992 Continuous Registration
TBIO-703 Current Topics in Cancer Research
TBIO-704 Current Topics in Cancer Research
TBIO-522 Epigenetics I: Mechanisms and Human Diseases
TBIO-584 Intro to Tumor Biology
TBIO-511 Lecture Series: Clinical & Translational Oncology
TBIO-568 Minority Health & Health Disparities
TBIO-572 Pathologic Basis of Cancer
TBIO-599 Practical Data Analysis and Experimental Design
TBIO-588 Preparing a Scientific Paper
TBIO-586 Proteomics: Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis
TBIO-546 Resources for Cancer Research
TBIO-591 Signal Transduction Journal Club
TBIO-562 Survival Skills & Ethics in Scientific Research
TBIO-530 Systems Biology & Bioinformatics
TBIO-587 Systems Biology: Pathway and Network Data Analysis
TBIO-999 Thesis Research
TBIO-581 Topics in Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer Risk
TBIO-585 Transcriptomics: Microarray Data Analysis
TBIO-711 Tumor Biology Student Seminar
TBIO-712 Tumor Biology Student Seminar