ACCT-102 Accounting II
Spring for 2017-2018
This course is designed to give you, as a manager in a non-accounting job, the fundamental vocabulary, concepts and procedures to work with management accountants in an informed way to answer questions like these: How effectively are my actions linked with corporate strategy? What activities of mine are differentiating and add value? What are my commodity activities that either destroy value or waste resources? How do I analyze the way a cost is accumulated to make sure it is relevant to a specific decision I must make? How do organizational control and incentive systems affect the motivation levels and actions of people who report to me?

In short, understanding the fundamental vocabulary, concepts and procedures of management accounting will help you
a. grow revenues and profits while planning and controlling related expenses
b. manage risks
c. understand, measure and drive performance
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MSB Students and Business Minors, ACCT 101
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