AMST-304 Senior Seminar in American Studies
Professors Ingebretsen and Otriz
Research seminar-related to the senior thesis (American Studies majors only).
Credits: 3, 3
Prerequisites: None

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Fall '10: LeMasters, Garrison (file download)
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AMST-304-01 Senior Seminar in American Studies
Georgetown’s Senior Seminar in American Studies helps 4th-year students
in the program prepare for the writing of the senior thesis in the
course of their final year of undergraduate study. The seminar leads
students through the necessary stages of conceptualizing a thesis
topic, planning a research strategy, choosing a thesis advisor and
beginning the process of writing in order to make the time devoted to
the thesis in the spring semester as efficient and productive as
possible. As part of this process, the seminar will encourage students
to reflect on a number of different issues relevant to their own sense
of place in the evolving field of American Studies; this reflection
will entail some writing and discussion, including the production of a
project proposal and annotated bibliography around the fifth week of
the term, as well as their engagement in a number of in-class
discussion sessions focused on key debates that have shaped and
reshaped the field in the past half-century. In addition, students will
develop a keener sense of the scope and variety of scholarly projects
currently defining American Studies at Georgetown through contact with
faculty invited to share their work with the seminar, and through their
own individual contact with faculty who might serve as their thesis
advisors. Finally, through a number of sessions and less formal
discussions devoted to library research, to the development of
multi-media projects, and to the general mechanics of research writing,
the seminar will also provide students with ample opportunity to
develop skills vital to the production of sophisticated, high-quality
thesis projects.
Credits: 03
Prerequisites: American Studies Seniors Only
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