AMST-379-01 Sports Personalities of the 20th Century
Spring for 2010-2011
American Civilization IV: Sports Personalities of the 20th Century

This course deals with both the role and significance of sports personalities in American society for the past century. We will explore the relationship between the media and the subject, as well as the historical events taking place when the individual emerges within the public sphere. We will use sports, and the many writings about its participants, to ask questions and draw conclusions about the development of race, class, and gender structures in America. We will interpret the role of heroes in our culture, investigate the representations each contain, and attempt to determine their significance in the evolution of our cultural values.

Furthermore, do emerging communication technologies change the process? Can today’s sportswriters in the electronic-media age create heroes similar to those in the golden age of sports? Or, do we only have marketing icons that sell shoes, cars, and beverages?

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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