ARTH-273-01 East Asian Painting
Spring for 2017-2018
This course examines premodern to contemporary paintings and prints from East Asia. Our focus will be primarily on works from China and Japan, with some discussion of paintings from Korea. Considered one of the “three perfections” along with poetry and calligraphy, painting has long been associated with the cultured elite in East Asia, characterized by scroll paintings executed on silk or paper. In addition to such works, we will also study stone carvings, mural paintings, and ceramics in order to understand strategies for visual representation on a variety of pictorial surfaces. Some of the issues that we will examine are the functions of paintings in mortuary and religious contexts, interregional influences and artistic exchange within East Asia, the self-conscious fashioning of the literati or gentleman painter, the relationship between woodblock prints and urban culture, and the encounter of Asian painting and painters with the west. No prior knowledge of Asian art is required or assumed.

*for ARTH majors, fulfills the non-European Art distribution requirement
**for ARTH minors, fulfills the pre-1600 distribution requirement
***fulfills the “Engaging Diversity” core curriculum requirement
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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