ARTH-419-01 Images of Native America
Spring for 2016-2017
From Walt Disney’s Pocahontas to the Washington Redskins, Native Americans are often depicted as a primitive culture in a pre-industrialized past. This course will examine the prejudices, stereotypes, and cultural appropriations associated with Native peoples through the lens of art. Students will examine how Native people have been traditionally represented in paintings, photographs, murals, and in popular culture. Students will also examine how Indigenous artists have responded to such representations. The class will include trips to the U.S. Capitol Building and National Museum of the American Indian. This course is not a chronological assessment of Native art, but a critical look at the contemporary issues facing Indigenous artists.
**for ARTH minors, fulfills the post-1600 distribution requirement
***fulfills the “Engaging Diversity” core curriculum requirement
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Spring '17: Klein, S (description, file download)
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