ARTS-151 Painting 1:Acrylic
Acrylic paint is the most stable, versatile and permanent material available to the artist today. This is an in-depth studio course based on the exploration of the techniques and aesthetics of acrylic painting. Emphasis will be placed on developing a foundation in composition, value and color theory. Brush strokes, which are essential for building up the tactile qualities of paintings’ surfaces, as well as blending and glazing techniques will be taught. Demonstrations, work with individual students and class critiques to promote personal growth will be conducted throughout the semester. There are five assignments that will be started in class, all of which will require time outside of class to complete. Note that there are no texts or readings required for this course. However, at least 6 hours a week outside of the classroom are required to complete a given assignment.
Fall and Spring
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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