ASST-706-01 Explor Limits of SE Asia Diplo
Fall for 2017-2018
Lohman, Walter
Exploring the Limits of Southeast Asian Diplomacy

The purpose of this course is to gain an understanding of Southeast Asian diplomacy most conducive to the promotion of American national interests. Seminar participants will examine the record of Southeast Asian diplomacy since the founding of ASEAN in 1967, particularly since 1992, and US engagement over that period. The original purposes of ASEAN, its structure, evolution, and limitations will be major points of discussion – as will the interests of the principal Southeast Asian and outside powers. The course will draw heavily on contemporary articles and analyses, and may include guest lecturers.

The course will be open to graduate students and will meet once weekly for approximately two- and-a- half hours, and be conducted as a seminar. Students will be expected to write a term paper examining a critical US interest in Southeast Asia and how to best pursue it. Students will make an interim presentation on the topic in order to solicit input and discussion. There will be a take-home final examination.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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