ASST-718-01 Transnational Politics & History: Asia
Spring for 2017-2018
Diana Kim
Regarding the 21st century, many debate whether it will be come an "Asian Century" in which major countries in Asia will rise to surpass the centrality of the U.S and Europe in a new global order. However, as this seminar aims to remind students, Asia's importance in a deeply interconnected world of trade and movement is hardly a recent development. This seminar surveys the transnational politics of Asia and places its significance in historical perspective. Thematically, it focuses on migrants and mobility, organized crime, cross-border trades, and environmental problems, with emphasis on Southeast Asia. In addition to learning to map these flows of people and goods across and beyond Asia today, students will develop a critical vocabulary for engaging with influential debates on globalization and world politics, informed by the region's legacies of Chinese migration, colonialism, and state formation since the 19th century.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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