BADM-590 Principled Leadership for Business and Society
Spring for 2017-2018
Principled Leadership in Business and Society has been designed to further the School’s aspiration to train Principled Leaders: women and men with the knowledge to lead with integrity. Specifically, the following questions will be the subject of a semester-long inquiry:

- What do we owe morally to others in a corporate context?
- What inclines us to follow some people but not others?
- What do corporate leaders owe to society?
- What does it take to become an effective leader?
- What does it take to incline teams, business units, or entire firms to perform ethically?

To answer these questions, two bodies of knowledge will be brought to bear: leadership and business ethics. They will be integrated in hopes of creating a student experience that is equal parts normative and empirical: an understanding of what leaders ought to do and how to do it.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MBA Students Only
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