BIOL-377 Endocrinology
Spring for 2017-2018
Amy Walsh
This course is designed to familiarize
students with the role of chemical messengers in biological function including growth, regulation of cellular and organ function, and behavior. We will begin with an introduction to hormones, hormone synthesis and secretion. Next, the molecular mechanisms of hormone action will be examined. Finally, major endocrine glands will be explored with an emphasis on the hormones they
secrete, how their action is regulated and their role in growth, homeostasis and behavior. Although an emphasis will be placed largely on vertebrate models, a comparative endocrinological approach will be taken and invertebrate models
will also be discussed.
The course will include lectures by the instructor, guest lectures, and weekly
primary literature readings. Students will have a short written assignment that accompanies the literature readings. The written assignment will be designed to get students to think critically about literature and to help prepare them for discussions concerning article content. Primary literature will make students aware of current research in the field and introduce students to endocrine disrupters found in the environment.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: BIOL-152 or BIOL-170 or BIOL-175
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